World Travelers of Reddit, where did you go that was totally amazing?

  1. This might sound surprising but, Poland and more specifically, Krakow.
    The city was absolutely beautiful and filled with history and culture.

  2. Iceland.

    I liked Reykjavik, but it was the landscape of Iceland that I found incredible. The waterfalls, geysers, volcanos etc. One minute I was sat in a cafe in Reykjavik where it was 15 degrees C, then a few hours later I was on a snowmobile bumbling across a glacier in -15 degrees C fog.

  3. The Scottish Highlands.

  4. Prague. If you’ve been anywhere else in Europe, you know how expensive it can be. Prague is a gorgeous city with a rich history and great food… Yet it is also incredibly cheap. Like, cheaper than the US cheap.

  5. Innsbruck, Austria. Straight off a fuckin’ postcard.

  6. New Zealand. It’s worth spending a few weeks and really seeing as much as you can. Auckland was probably my least favourite place, but still really nice around the harbour.

    There is an amazing range of stuff to do, especially if you’re reasonably active. We skied, went sky-diving, horse-riding, canyon swinging, black water rafting, kayaking, glacier walking, street-luge thing etc. There’s plenty of more sedate stuff as well though, the scenery is incredibly varied and beautiful.

    Accommodation was really good value, car hire was cheap. Not sure if shopping is any good because I wasn’t interested. Overall the food is pretty good, especially when we went to some place where the earth’s crust is a few feet thick and they cook everything underground. Seafood and of course lamb is delicious.

    Everyone was pretty friendly – there were a couple of drunk kind of intimidating maori dudes in Auckland but elsewhere everyone is very welcoming and pleased to see you.

  7. Alaska. Imagine Colorado with bigger mountains, larger bears, better fishing, tons of moose, nearly 24 hours of sunlight in the summers, the Northern Lights in the winter, fresher air, higher elevation, cooler small towns, less tourists, untouched wildlife father than the eye can see, and it is nearly half the size of the continental US. It is like its own country.

    Edit: I looked into the actual size, and apparently the size I mentioned is more of a pseudo-statistic. It is about a 1 to 5 ratio compared to the continental US from the little research I did. It is still pretty big!

    2nd Edit: First, thanks for the gold, stranger. I am glad I got my first piece talking about my favorite part of my country. Someone mentioned that the Colorado does have a higher elevation on average, so I did get that part wrong, but Denali, or what is officially called Mt. McKinley, is the highest point in North America. So take that! I love Colorado, too. I was just spoiled with Alaska at a young age.

  8. St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

    Beautiful scenery (especially if you go when the icebergs are floating by), the friendliest people, great history, and a surprisingly cool food scene that’s blooming. Hiking right along the edge of the Atlantic was fun too. Very much recommended!

  9. Portugal. It’s like it’s forgotten on everyone’s ‘visit Europe’ list. Beautiful, has old castles and walled cities. Has mountains and Mediterranean climate. Lisbon itself is a very friendly and comfortable town, easy to get around in.

  10. Cinque Terre, Italy. Five villages built into the cliffs over the sea with hiking trails between them. We rented an apartment in Corniglia that overlooked the sea and it was fantastic. We could have spent a week or more there easily. I had some amazing meals there (Osteria de Mananan in Corniglia is AMAZING!) and everything was just so lovely and relaxed. I want to go back someday and spend more time there.

  11. Switzerland. It was the first place I went to in Europe and my first impression was “Holy crap Europe is unbelievably clean, has an amazing quality of life, unbelievably friendly people, great food, and some of the most beautiful nature one can ever hope to see!”

    Then I left Switzerland and visited multiple places in France, Germany, and England… that’s when I realized most of Europe is not nearly as well kept and amazing as Switzerland. They all have their own charm, their own history, etc. but man, Switzerland was like a utopia. It was unbelievable.

  12. Japan was my favorite place, especially Osaka. The people are so polite, extremely friendly and helpful, the city is amazingly beautiful (mind-blowingly so if you’re there for Hanami), the food is incredible. I felt so welcome and yet everything was completely different than anything I knew. I will be going back for sure.

    It’s really inspiring, the absolute respect for each other and citizenship. Definitely made me a better person in all aspects.

  13. Tuscany. I live pretty close so I wasn’t exactly blown away but that place is just as gorgeous as books and movies make you believe. Beautiful scenery, beautiful architecture, amazing food and wine, art and history everywhere, cool events every night and so much more. The popular places are super crowded in the summer but you can easily pick a random little town on the map and go there if you want a more authentic experience.

  14. Charleston, South Carolina. I felt like I had just travelled back hundreds of years to pre-civil war America. The city had an incredible balance between a colonial, southern, and beach-town atmosphere. I don’t think there’s anything quite like it.

  15. Pacific Northwest United States. Stunning scenery, beautifully dark night skies.

    Edit: Also, Northern Maine for the same reasons.