Women of reddit, what about men baffles you the most?

  1. A man’s need to stand up & pee is awe inspiring. I am an ICU nurse and have seen men try to rip out breathing tubes, IVs, pull themselves up when paralyzed–all in the name of standing up to pee. “Sir, you have a catheter in” means nothing to a man who feels the need to stand up & pee.

  2. Why do men (or maybe just my son and his dad) flush the toilet before they’re done peeing? I’ve never gotten a complete answer from them. It’s like it’s some secret guy code thing.

    edit: redundancy.

  3. That your penis really does have a mind of its own. It’s crazy how it just gets hard whenever it feels like it.

  4. The ability to wag one’s penis, and the look of pride when doing so

  5. It baffles me how wearing boxers don’t make your pants look like they’ve just been stuffed with cloth, which is essentially what is happening.

  6. Why must you hump me when I’m bent over?

  7. Do men ever accidentally sit on their own balls?

    Edit: Yes, I have seen balls before. I am starting to think that I sit very differently than most men do.

  8. How do you go through life having people know every time you get super turned on? It’d be so exhausting having to talk myself out of being horny just so people don’t “see” it.

  9. Where the hell do you put your dicks?

  10. How do you guys do that thing where you take off your shirt with one hand from like behind the neck??? I’m serious, other than that I think I’m past the point of feeling baffled by anything you all do…

  11. That underwear flap, do you actually use it? Or do you just pull your dick out of your underwear to pee? Cuz it seems to be that I’d be fumbling to get my dick through the flap.

  12. How their balls manage to age quicker than they do

  13. How much some penises grow during erections like holy shit where did that come from, where does it go, where did you come from cotton eye joe. Are all guys like that? I’ve also only seen a flaccid penis once, I know showers supposedly exist but I have yet to encounter one.

  14. This is a really random question but one I have been asking myself for a while and am too ashamed to ask someone in person: When guys have to pee and poop…do you pee standing up and then sit down and poop or do you just sit and pee and poop together?

    Edit: Thanks for the answers guys! Pooping is awesome for everyone!

  15. It baffles me that your ballsacks are always moving. I’ve seen one, once.

    The skin is just moving all the time. Wtf?
    Edit: I lied, I see sack on the daily. I mean the skin moving.