Will there be any effect if my body were subjected to extreme magnetic forces – something like upwards to 100 teslas?

  1. Charged particles that move through a magnetic field are deflected at right angles to the field (Lorentz force). Since your brain operates via moving charges, very strong magnetic fields can affect brain function. It can cause can cause neurological effects such as vertigo or seeing flashes, particularly when the patient moves his head.

    MRI use static magnetic field. So, you start increasing the strength, and at some point it will start doing damage, starting with brain and heart, major organs with some sort electric field.

    In a strong magnetic field, any atom that has any magnetic moment starts lining up. For the most part this is no big deal; indeed, it is what makes MRI scans possible. In very strong fields, any molecule that has any magnetic moment at all (i.e. nearly all of them) start both lining up and elongating as the field interacts with their magnetic moment. This radically changes how those molecules interact with others; in other words, basic chemistry is changed. Since we rely on chemical reactions to survive, we wouldn’t last very long.

    At some point Diamagnetism will take effect, since water is diamagnetic and we are mostly made of water. I think this is what will kill the organism at higher Teslas (not sure how high).

  2. even an MRI scan will have noticeable effects on the nervous system.

    [here’s one example] (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982211009353): some people get vertigo during MRI scanning; and everyone gets at least some degree of nystagmus, tiny compensatory eye movements. the theory is that the magnetic field is affecting the endolymph in the vestibular system, producing a false sense of movement.

    the effects also depend on the orientation of the field, and the way it’s introduced. [Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcranialmagneticstimulation) (TMS) is a popular technique for disrupting brain activity, using a magnetic field produced by a device pressed up against the skull. the field strength of a TMS device is in the same neighborhood as MRI.

    so, i would think that with much, much stronger field strengths than are used in TMS or MRI, the effects would become more and more severe until seriously bad things start to happen. I can’t guess what, exactly. Someone around here can probably produce an estimate of what will happen at each increase in order of magnitude…

  3. I feel this wikipedia article describes what kind of magnetic fields can be generated.

    1.25 T field from permanent neodymium magnet

    45T strongest maintained magnetic field

    2.8 kT Strongest ever produced (using explosives)

    Source :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordersofmagnitude(magneticfield)