why does a period have to take 4-7 days? Why can’t it all come out at once, like a poop?

  1. There is a good evolutionary reason for a longer period of menses.

    Most mammals do not have a menstrual cycle. They have an estrus cycle, in which the endometrium is resorbed by the body and not shed.

    In animals with an estrous cycle, there are overt signs that they animal is ready to become pregnant. and they generally only accept a mate when they are fertile.

    Primates will accept a mate at any time in their cycle, and there are less overt signs that a female is ovulating (there is a lot of debate as to how well primate males are able to detect ovulation).

    Menses solves this problem, as it gives a visual indicator of what point a female is in her cycle. The male just waits until he stops seeing blood, and then knows that the next week and a bit is going to be the most fertile time

  2. You know I wish we could control our flow like we can our urine. It would be so nice. No more napkins, pads, cups, or tampons. Life would be good.

  3. Just gonna drop this here….

  4. would you rather have a period every day or two like poopin’? OR hold your poop in til the 28th day then poop for 4-7 days?

  5. A more likely be explanation is that at the end of your period ( just before the commencement of blood) the endometrium is thick and plump. The loss of hormones causes the blood vessels supplying this tissue to spasm and die. Then the endometrium sloughs off (mental image) slowly as if part of your legs was declined it’s blood. Slowly your toes would fall off one by one, never all the piggies at once!!