Which two unrelated movies can be summed up with the same sentence?

  1. “Brave adventurers stop the rock from ruining everything.”

    Armageddon and The Mummy Returns.

  2. “A cowboy must deal with an unwelcome alien.”

    Toy Story and Cowboys vs. Aliens

  3. “A disgraced professional guard proves himself worthy after he becomes the only one who can save a group of hostages”

    Olympus Has Fallen and Mall Cop

  4. Resourceful guy left alone on Christmas Eve beats the fuck out of criminals.

    Die Hard and Home Alone

  5. “It’s dad all along.” mrs. Doubtfire and star wars.

  6. “enjoys making traps to punish bad people”

    Home Alone and Saw

  7. “A bitter old man loses his wife, befriends his young Asian neighbour who helps him overcome his bitterness and cyncism.”

    Up and Gran Torino

  8. “Icy dead people.”
    Titanic and The Sixth Sense.
    (Homophone, but hey.)

  9. Christian Bale is a rich playboy with a dark secret.

  10. Tom Hanks’ travelling never goes well.

    1. Terminal
    2. Apollo 13
    3. Cast Away
    4. Cloud Atlas
    5. Captain Philips
    6. Joe vs the Volcano
    7. Catch me if you can
    8. Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

    Edit: So many people saying Joe vs the Volcano. I have not seen that movie, still I’ll add it.

  11. “They put that thing back where it came from.”
    Monsters Inc., The Lord of the Rings

  12. Man dresses up as a Scot in a dress to take back what’s his.

    Braveheart and Mrs Doubtfire

  13. “Undercover agent gets too close to target and suffers identity crisis.”

    Donnie Brasco and Mean Girls.

  14. Johnny Depp is a pale faced wierdo. Directed by Tim Burton.

  15. A child is taken away, and a parent will go to great lengths to rescue them.

    Finding Nemo and Taken!