Whats the most PG thing you have ever jerked it to?

  1. A plastic action figure of the yellow ranger that I had scratched the painting off

  2. You know in Unreal Tournament 2003 there is the voice that goes: DOUBLE KILL, MONSTER KILL, etc… which gets increasingly louder and more intense? There is a setting where you can change that voice to “sexy”, and its sexy woman saying it. As it gets more intense it sounds like she’s having an orgasm.

    I jacked off to that

  3. I was on vacation and it was about 3am so I had no access to a computer and didn’t have a phone at the time. Decided to fap it to “100 sexiest beach bodies”….they cut to commercial as I was finishing so I ended up blowing my load to Billy Mays. RIP

  4. Back in the day I’d just turn on the Spanish channel and let er rip.

  5. The definition of the word Lesbian.

  6. My sims woohooing

  7. When I was a junior in college there was some freshman girl who told her housemates during some orientation bonding icebreaker that she could only masturbate to transformation scenes in Disney movies. It was a very small school and literally everyone knew of her as “that girl”. It inspired band names and everything. It followed her forever. I remember one time in class she said she liked cake and everyone was like “oh yeah she would like cake.” Made no sense.

  8. My friend told me he once jerked off to a box of tampons because they said vagina on the package.

  9. Lola Bunny from space jam

  10. Clarissa Explains It All (back when it was age appropriate for me)

    EDIT: so many pics of her “brushing her teeth”. Fond memories of teenage fapping might now be ruined.

  11. I took all the armor off my female character in baulders gate.

  12. Honestly? National Geographic.

    When I was a kid, the native african boobies were amazing.

  13. Little mermaid put me through puberty

  14. Adult version of malon in ocarina of time. 🙁

  15. Totally Spies.