What’s the most INSANE moment in any Disney movie?

  1. How about Everything on the island in Pinocchio?!

    That crap was scary.

  2. The bubble Dumbo scene freaked me out as a kid.

  3. Since no one seems to remember The Great Mouse Detective I’d say the scene with the sexh cabaret dancers singing about “let me be good to you”

  4. There’s a lesser-known but still very good one called “Brother Bear” where a young man’s turned into a bear after killing one, befriending a younger cub on his journey to a sacred mountain where he might be able to turn back into a human.


    The bear he killed was the young cub’s mother, which he only realizes after the bear’s clan has accepted him into their family. The first time I watched it that moment hit me like a ton of bricks.

  5. Gaston has a pretty wicked death.. but I’m going with a lesser remembered death scene. Tarzan. When Clayton gets his neck snapped by tree vines after a 100 ft plus free fall and they show the shadow of his lifeless body swaying in the thunderstorm winds. Pretty brutal haha

  6. The sacrifice in The Black Cauldron was pretty dark.

  7. I think judge doom revealing himself to be a toon in who framed rodger rabbit, with the crazy eyes and voice is pretty insane and terrifying

  8. Goofy had to fuck someone to have Max.

  9. When the Leviathan attacks the crew in Atlantis The Lost Empire. So much death… The scene at 0:50 when one of the dudes doesn’t make it through the door in time always shook me. Also at one point one of the dudes literally says “we’re getting killed out here”.

  10. The brutality of the Huns in Mulan.

    When they’re talking about “returning” a doll they found to some little girl in the village they’re headed through, and how you see that same doll in the ashes of that same village later.

    Also, the furious rumbling force when thousands of horses are charging down the mountainside towards a group of probably just 10 people. They know they could just send out 10 guys of their own to do the job, but that’s not what it’s about. They’re going to slaughter them, and they’re going to die knowing there’s nothing they can do to stop them.

  11. The Heffalumps and Woozles song from Winnie the Pooh gave me nightmares D:

  12. If we consider that we’re talking about a Disney movie, I’d say the scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame when Frollo is singing about raping Esmerelda.

  13. Don’t know if it counts as “INSANE”, but The Fox and the Hound was pretty brutal. Like the scene where the kindly old lady who raised Tod from a baby fox drives him into the forest and leaves him there. He just looks at her with his sad little face and she’s crying as she drives away.

    Not to mention the whole plot of the movie. A baby fox and a hound puppy become best friends, then they grow up and realize that it’s in their nature to kill each other. In the end they realize they can never be friends again.

    What kind of sadistic bastard thought that this would be a heartwarming children’s movie?

  14. Gonna go with A Bugs Life grasshopper death scene where the mother bird feeds the screaming grasshopper to her chicks. Shits messed up man.

  15. The beginning of Finding Nemo where Marlen’s wife and almost all his unborn children are all eaten. That’s something right out of a sick horror movie.