What’s the coolest thing you can get for $5 or less?

  1. Liquid Nitrogen.

    It’s actually incredibly cheap.

  2. A slingshot from Cracker Barrel.

  3. A bunch of bouncy balls. That way you can throw all of them at once and cause havoc.

  4. Balsa wood plane from ACE Hardware. Like $3.

  5. Silly string or those sponges that compressed down to tiny size and expand huge like in the bath.

  6. At my local walmart, you can buy vibrating cock rings for $5

  7. 3 3.5mm audio jack splitters. That way you can stick em together and get a 4-way 3.5mm audio jack splitter so you and three other friends can listen to the same music while nobody else can hear it.

  8. There’s a website called fiverr.com where you can, among other things, find and hire a professional voice actor or a singer call your friend and say whatever you want them to, or even sing. I think that s a good deal for five bucks.

  9. IKEA Breakfast

    Edit: Actually 5 IKEA Breakfasts since it’s 99 cents for a plate. also the breakfast is apparently free on Monday. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/tempe/restaurant

  10. $5 milkshake

  11. Cedarwood chips.

    You can buy an enormous bag for about $4 and they look fantastic on your garden bed.

    ^I’m ^slowly ^becoming ^a ^boring ^old ^man.

  12. play-dough. Have you played with that stuff recently? It’s fun!

  13. Google cardboard!!!! It’s virtual reality on your phone for about 5 dollars if you find a good deal online. Or, you could build it yourself for less.

  14. Wait for Steam sale. Purchase several new games.

  15. Electric Fly Swatter.

    Makes revenge fun.