What’s the biggest red flag you’ve ever ignored?

  1. I blew off some intense pain in my calf thinking it was a muscle pull or something. Let it go until I ended up in the emergency room unable to breath with searing chest pain. I had blood clots in my legs that made their way to my lungs. 2 pulmonary embolisms.

  2. She bought me a car after we dated for ~4-6 months. Not a used one or anything – a brand new 2000 Celica GT, cash.

    She later tried to hit me in the head with a cow skull, slashed tires, etc etc.

    Edit: Added pic of the car.

  3. Had black poop for four days. Ignored it. I was popping too much ibuprofen and had a stomach bleed and was bleeding internally. Finally went to the hospital once I started feeling really sick and weak. Turns out that I had lost over half my blood. The doctor told me that within hours I would have gone into shock and died if I hadn’t gone to the hospital when I did. took a few months to recover from that.

  4. She had a boyfriend and told me it was only cheating if she was on top.

  5. Went on a date with a girl who had to stop at a liquor store to get a bottle of cheap vodka, which she proceeded to drink right from the bottle on the way to a bar. Surprise surprise, it turned out that she was a raging alcoholic.

  6. When she texted me not 5 minutes after I met her.

    Next thing Iknow I’m getting the “I don’t want to freak you out but I missed my period today and if I get pregnant I’m naming it Charles after my dad who left my mom” text.

  7. My brother and I saved his crackhead friend and his wife and kids from homelessness by moving them in with us. The idea was that they would move out in about 6 months. I noticed that date came and went with no action…and then I noticed Crackhead was drinking a lot and doing inhalants. Frankly that shopping bag full of spent Reddi Whip I saw dumped outside the front door was a huge red flag. At the time I ignored it since inhalants aren’t an illegal substance like meth or H.

    We kept associating with them (unfortunately) and brother insisted we keep a household together. There was nothing but problems and then we had to just cut contact and move on. They owed us over a grand in cash at this point & we let them have a bunch of crappy furniture (it was cheaper just to leave it with them than to move and store it)…. There was also some “police got called” incidences but I don’t wish to detail that on reddit.

    TL : DR my brother was too nice and got us ripped off. Also let crackheads stay homeless.

  8. I once befriended a guy with extreme Aspergers. We got him out and about, and he met a new group of people who were accepting of him.

    Things were by and by going well, he still had bouts of manic depression but he was fine. Weird, but who isn’t.

    He rang me one night, I was driving, and really busy. He said, “hey you know that money you owe me (we had been out and I had forgotten my wallet) I won’t need it. Don’t bother dropping it off to me tonight.” Sure thing, well I will see you this weekend and give it to you then.He seemed fine.

    Get a call from his mum the day after on my way to work, he had planned his suicide down to the smallest details. He left my number for his mum to contact me as his only true friend. Saying I was the only one who had been kind to him, the only one who cared. It was at this moment I knew he had put more onus on this friendship that I had. I had missed all the signs, been too busy with my own life to know that call was actually a good bye call. Jesus man.

    We went to his funeral, and me and my friend were almost the guests of honor. Everyone wanted to meet us, and say thanks for what we had done for him. We were humbled as to us, we had just hung out with him.

    Still get a feeling of guilt to this day when I think about him.

    edit: I am at work, and can’t reply to everyone. But I just wanted to say I have read the replies and thank you for your thoughts and insights! For those in a similar situations, I feel for you and wish you all the best!

  9. She asked me to promise we’d get married and have children when we kissed for the first time.

  10. Continued sleeping with a woman after she paused sex to ask me if hanging killed people via suffocation or by breaking their necks. I explained that if it was done correctly, the latter. Otherwise, the former. Sex resumed. Afterwards, while I was drifting off to sleep, she moaned that it would be so hot if we were both bleeding all over her white sheets.

    I was pretty tired so I just shut it out and fell asleep. Later she told me my aura informed her that one day we would live together, but that one of us would hurt the other.

    Also on one of the first nights we hooked up, she came over, drunk as hell. We had sex, then she passed out. She woke up the next morning, yelled at the sun because it was too bright, walked around my house naked and talking about how great her spray tan looked, we had sex again, she threw up in my bathroom, then she left.

  11. My ex wife was giddy about a new trainer at the gym. I asked jokingly if she wanted to fuck him. I didn’t get a response. long story short, divorced 2 months later lolz.

    Edit: outcome, she married him and popped out a kid. It took me months of recovery and support by family and friends. I’m now happily married 🙂 never let someone sink your ship.

  12. Being accused of lying and cheating. Non-stop. Turns out he was the one doing the lying and cheating…. which is usually how it works.

  13. Back when I was dating my now exwife (the second out of six siblings), and I finally got to meet her family, I was surprised at the poor, borderline abusive treatment she and the four others gave to her youngest sibling (still a teenager at the time – the others were all adults).

    I rationalized it away, believing my ex-BiL had done something very bad and he was in the middle of some family punishment. He hadn’t and it wasn’t. Now I know it was the first of several red flags that I should have heeded.

  14. The high turnover rate at my current job.

  15. She gave me a handjob before she agreed to kiss me.