What’s something you’re hiding from your parents? [serious]

  1. That I know that they embezzled almost 20 thousand dollars from a savings account my grandparents were “depositing” money into for college.

    My grandmother would, in good faith, give my mom the check to deposit every week. For almost 18 years. Well, when I turned 18, there is 2900 dollars in a savings account for me. During a conversation with my aunt, my cousin has over 20 thousand dollars saved up for college. From my grandmother.

    She doesn’t know that I know that she blew my savings account on a car, alcohol, and partying. I’ve kept this secret for 12 years. And it KILLS me to be around my mother knowing this.

    Edit: You guys are awesome. I’ve resolved to confront my mother sooner rather than later. Even if it’s just to get rid of the “I know and I can’t keep it to myself” feeling.

  2. My address, my phone number.

    So many things.

  3. I was an escort for years to pay for university. It would kill my mom

  4. That in a few years for their 35th anniversary I’m going to pay for an expensive trip for them.

  5. How broke I am all the time.

  6. I hear things that arent there (footsteps, knocking on doors, phone ringing). My parents think im a drug addict or soemthing and I let them because I think they would disown me if they knew Im some type of crazy.

  7. That I’m not coming home. From Ireland, my parents have always assumed that I intended to move to Alaska to work and then come home, meet a nice Irish girl, get married, and buy a home in town with my earnings. Live and die in our country with our family.

    Since I’ve stepped foot off the plane in Juneau I haven’t once considered anything more than a visit home. Every time we talk they ask something along the lines of me moving back, and I dance around the issue. I’d rather not deal with the endless calls from family, friends, and neighbours saying I’ve gone mad or turned my back on our home. Which I have, I’d just rather fade out of their minds than deal with it head on. I can’t rationalise or justify it, so I don’t approach it.

  8. My divorce.

    I don’t want to hear my dad run his mouth about how it’s all my fault that my ex-husband had an affair, took all my money, and is suing me for spousal support so he can get his PhD (I already paid for his Stanford master’s). I did literally everything to keep the marriage together, but my dad will look at it as all my fault… cuz that’s how he sees the world.

  9. Got pregnant from a guy I don’t like and have little memory of sleeping with and ended up having an abortion.

  10. I ran into a car in a parking garage and now owe the guy $1000 worth of car repairs. I’m a college kid who only has a summer internship as a source of income.

    Edit: I do have insurance, but the deductible would still be $500 and my rates would skyrocket.

  11. I’ve been married for 3 years, and my mom still thinks I’m a virgin.

  12. I’m 26 years old and have a great job that pays well, but I have a ton of student loan debt that I am trying to take care of, but it’s hard because not only am I supporting myself, but my mother too.

    She has a job as a caretaker, but doesn’t get enough hours to make enough to pay all her bills, so I help out every month, which doesn’t really help me out, because it means I don’t have enough to help pay off my loans faster.

    As much as it sets me back financially, I think about all the sacrifices she made growing up, so I have never hesitated to do what I can to help her. However, she doesn’t know that it sets me back so much and I don’t want to tell her, because I love her.

  13. I’m really bi-curious. I haven’t slept with any guys yet, so I won’t say I’m bisexual, but during gym class in college I thought the guys were much better eye candy than the women.

    Unfortunately, the college course I was taking to see all that eye candy was police foundations, and my parents have already made clear that the gay cop they know is “a disgrace to the force” and that he shouldn’t be allowed on in the first place. I can’t imagine how they’d react if I said I hope to find a lot of gay police officers when I get on the force.

  14. Well….. that I fucked my step brother. Keep in mind that he’s married, my family is very religious, and I’m a guy.

  15. My little sister told me in confidence that she has been smoking pot with her new boyfriend and his friends. Actually, her words were, “I don’t know what it was. Shaped like a blunt, but they didn’t say. ” My mom is a drug addict and my father would flip out.