What’s a Reddit joke that you don’t understand, and would really like someone to explain to you?

  1. For more stuff like this: /r/OutOfTheLoop

  2. Any mention of Shrek spawns a lengthy comment thread of what I’m assuming are references to something… what gives?

  3. I missed a few days a week or two ago and this “gonna whoop me?” joke came up. What’s that all about?

  4. ‘Yeah you like that, you retard’ or something. Why?


    I also read a thread a while ago that had 7-8 reddit famous horror stories (like the jolly rancher story)

  6. I want to know where the whole penguin of doom copypasta came from.

  7. Why do we hate Chad?

  8. What’s the deal with u/unidan?

  9. On /r/catsstandingup every comment is just the word “Cat.” And if you comment anything else it’s blue arrowed to oblivion. Just wanna know where it came from.

  10. The hunter2 as the password.
    And what is ITT?

  11. Can someone explain what happened with that damn safe? I’ve been on reddit long enough to have been in the loop but have no clue what the deal was with that

  12. SuperShibe. I mean, why a Shibe? Why dog?

  13. What the fuck is pocket sand???

  14. I missed the whole mom smelling cum story, or whatever it was. Anyone care to explain?

  15. The r/thathappened thing that people write… is it just a passive aggressive way of suggesting that they don’t believe your story?