What would you do if 99% of the human population suddenly disappeared?

  1. Suddenly become a much more desirable employee.

  2. Start a farm, find a wife, repopulate.

  3. Live the life of the 1%.

  4. I think about this ALL THE TIME. I’d get a car, and explore everything. All the weird houses near me with the strange neighbours. I’d look through their drawers and see what food they bought. Then drive to a city and look in all the stock rooms of supermarkets and kitchens in my favourite restaurants and see what went on.

    I’d basically be a nosy bugger, and I really wish this would happen just one time.

  5. disappear, statistically speaking.

  6. Get a dog, a sweet mustang, move to manhattan and hunt deer to survive. You know, typical Will Smith stuff.

  7. No pants day in times square

  8. Complain to myself about no new posts on reddit.

  9. Hope that the total number of humans was a multiple of 100 – otherwise we’d have a partially-disappeared person somewhere

  10. Still not be rich enough to be in the 1%

  11. 7,125,000,000*.01= 71 million people. That’s still a pretty good sized population. There would definitly still be people around. However lots of things that we take for granted wouldn’t work correctly. The first thing I would do would be to find out if I knew anyone who was alive and start to reestablish society and rule of law.

  12. Watch porn with the volume up

  13. I’d head for Boulder, Colorado.

    Fuck it, who am I trying to kid – Vegas, baby!

  14. I think the smartest thing to do would be to start stock-piling seeds, live-stock, generators, fuel, and other long-term survival necessities.

    With 99% of people gone, essential services are going to start shutting down within a matter of weeks. Electricity will be one of the first to go because it requires the most inputs and labor. Water will also go quickly.

    So, you’d probably want to take over some house that has access to fresh water, that’d be a huge help. A built-in generator would be good too – although without oil refineries you’re going to run out of usable fuel in a year or two. There will be plenty of cars about with tanks full of gas, but the shelf life of gasoline is only about 6 months. Longer if it’s not exposed to the air. Really the best option would be to find yourself a small hydro-electric generator and a house by a creek or river.

    Aside from those things, food will become a big issue at some point. There will be canned goods, but those don’t last forever, so at some point you’re going to need to start growing/raising your own food. You’d really want to try to connect with as many survivors in your area as possible and collaborate with them as it will make many of things easier/possible.

  15. eat a food