What was the most heart-wrenching moment from your favorite TV show?

  1. “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good ole days before you actually left them.”

    The end of The Office man.

  2. The talk that Dr. Greene had with his older daughter right before he died on ER.

  3. Spoilers guys: The House season finale (don’t remember which season) when it hits him that it was Amber on the bus followed by Wilson being with her before she died.

  4. In the last episode of Angel, the “Would you like me to lie to you now?” scene.

  5. On Cheers when Sam and Diane are about to get married and she decides to leave to finish writing her book for six months. She says goodbye and that she’ll see him in six months. He smiles and hugs her and she walks out the door. As she’s walking up the stairs by the window he says “Have a good life.” Knowing that she won’t be back.

    Sam Malone is one of the saddest characters in the history of American television if you ask me. Cheers is a bit dated, but if you can get past that it’s one of the best shows around.

    The Wire, when Bodie and Omar met their demise.

  7. When Crazy Eyes asked “Why do they call me Crazy Eyes?” I cried.

  8. “You are my favorite thing, Peter. My very favorite thing.”

    Fringe Spoiler: Didn’t always like where Fringe went, but I love Walter’s story arc. He caused so much damage because he took a boy that wasn’t his, and he ended up helping so many by letting go of Peter so he could take Michael into the future.

  9. When Gob put Franklin in the dryer.

  10. “Not penny’s boat”

  11. The ending of scrubs where JD walks down the hospital towards the exit with the projector playing the future.

    Also the end of That 70s Show because it ended and was no longer the 70s, the clock strikes midnight and it’s 1980 fuck it’s painful. Foremans sister was hot.

  12. MASH, when Radar comes in and tells everyone during surgery that Col Henry Blakes’ plane was shot down while he was flying home.

  13. When Leo McGarry died on The West Wing

  14. When Dr. Cox broke down after killing 3 patients in Scrubs…. killed my insides