What seemingly impressive meal is actually really easy to cook?

  1. Steamed lobster with butter. Two ingredients. Three if you count MURDER.

  2. Almost anything in a slow cooker. Put a whole chicken in on low for 8 hours and come back to tender delicious roast chicken! Pop it under the broiler to brown it up before serving.

  3. You can be really good at cooking if you have anxiety. All it takes is reading instructions over and over again and constantly worrying about wasting food/what other people think of the taste. You wind up paying complete attention to every detail so over cooking is never an issue.

    And that’s how I deal with things.

  4. Anything in a slow cooker…Step one: Dump ingredients Step Two: walk away

  5. Alfredo is so ridiculously easy and it takes no time at all. All you do is grate parmesan, boil fettuccine, and heat up a stick of butter with a cup of heavy cream. As soon as the pasta is done, dump it in a dish with your cheese and hot cream, bit of salt, some pepper, possibly nutmeg. Mix it all up. Possibly throw in some pasta water if it’s too thick. Shazam.

  6. Pizza from scratch can be dead easy and everyone loves pizza

  7. Anything on the grill. Seriously, you barely have to marinate.

    Take a zucchini and slice it in half twice to get 4 spears. Salt and pepper that shit. Grill it. Get the sexy grill marks. Plate it. Eat it. Delicious. You can do this with lots of different veggies.

    Chicken thighs with a tiny drizzle of BBQ sauce. Get the sexy grill marks. Plate it. Eat it. Delicious. You can do this with lots of different types/cuts of meat.

  8. A platter filled with fine cheeses, dried fruits, and fine nuts is absurdly easy to put together and is almost always a winner, especially if you are looking for an easy romantic dinner. You can also easily add some toasted french bread and olive oil dip.

    Add a side of good wine and some dark chocolate to put it over the top.

  9. Ice cubes. Turns out that shit is just water you forgot about in a freezer for a while. Holy shit.

  10. Macaroni Cheese is impressive, right?

  11. Risotto seems difficult, but it’s actually pretty damn easy. Just butter a pot, dice up a shallot, add a cup of arborio rice, then add chicken broth and stir for about 20 minutes. Be sure to add broth if need be, and don’t forget to stir. I once left the risotto alone for 10 minutes and it burned the hell out of the rice, then my dad made me stand outside in the freezing cold while he beat me senseless with a set of jumper cables. After that, mix in some parmesan cheese and you’ve got risotto. Pretty simple.

  12. It’s not a meal, but a dessert, and you get to set shit on fire.

    Bananas Fosters

    Here is what you will need:

    • Good Vanilla Ice cream, none of that generic shit.

    • Bananas, around 1-2 per person. (2 people, 3 bananas. 4 people, 5 bananas.)

    • Butter.

    • Brown Sugar.

    • Cinnamon.

    • Dark Rum with a high alcohol content. I generally go for Bacardi 151 Dark.

    • Saucepan.

    • Stirring/Flipping tool of sorts.

    • Bowls.

    • Spoons.

    • People who want to see some cool shit.

    In a saucepan, melt like…a lot of butter on low-med heat. Throw a whole stick in there. Add between one and 10 handfuls of brown sugar. You want it to end up thick and gooey, and not too hot on the pan, you don’t want to burn the sugars.

    While that is melting/gooifying, cut bananas in half lengthwise and widthwise. When brown sugar and butter are being awesome, send in the bananas, and sprinkle with a little cinnamon. After the bananas begin to get soft on one side, flip them over. Sprinkle a little more cinnamon.

    When everything looks heated through and the bananas are soft, add in some of the Dark Rum. You don’t need a lot, maybe a quarter – half cup, depending on how much you are making. Let it cook in for a bit before you LIGHT THAT SHIT ON FIRE. I suggest pulling the pan out away from the stove, and asking a guest to light it with one of those long BBQ lighter things. Keep the pan moving to keep the alcohol burning.

    While the flaming awesome show is going on, have one or more of your guests scoop some of the ice cream into bowls. Once the flames die out, spoon two or three banana pieces over the ice cream, along with a little of the sauce in the pan. It will cool down and get all caramely on the ice cream, and it’s fucking delicious.

    Accept all of the praise that your friends have to offer as they scarf this amazing was just on fire stuff into their faces.

  13. A steak. It’s an easy three step process of prepping, oven cooking and then pan searing.

    Video explanation: link

  14. Fish tacos with homemade slaw and chipotle sauce.

  15. Dulce De Leche if you consider desert a meal.