What is the worst physical sensation that is entirely painless?

  1. Hiccups lasting more than an hour. Just fucking shoot me already.

  2. I’ve had sleep paralysis a couple of times and it’s pretty horrible. You try with every ounce of strength to move and roll over but you just can’t. I can only imagine that this could be something along the lines of what a paraplegic must feel every single day.

  3. When you really need to sneeze but can’t

  4. When you think there is one more step

  5. When I broke my arm I also dislocated my wrist, so I had surgery and on top of the plate they put on my radius they also put a long metal pin going between my radius and ulna to keep my wrist in place. (Radius and Ulna are the two bones in your forearm if you don’t know)

    Anyway, once it healed up I had to go in to get the pin removed. Doc just held my arm with one hand and pulled the pin out with the other.

    I would describe the sensation as “nails on a chalkboard” but inside my arm.

    Like if my bone was the chalkboard and the pin was the nail scraping along it.

    It didn’t hurt, ~~by~~ but by god it is a sensation I never want to feel again.

    E: a word

  6. Bed spins after drinking too much.
    Walking through an unseen spider web.
    That feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you left your purse/wallet/phone in a public establishment..over an hour ago!

  7. Biting down a little too hard and accidentally dragging your teeth against each other. Like nails on a chalkboard but in your mouth.

  8. Nausea.

    I’d rather be in pain than nauseous.

  9. Randomly crunching down on a couple of grains of sand.

  10. Trying to put on clean clothes after a shower in a hot and humid room.

  11. That cold shivery chill feeling – every hair standing on edge – that comes immediately before a massive surge of diarrhea.

  12. Restless leg syndrome. It’s a physical sensation distinct from pain, that utterly compels you to move. It starts when you’re tired and want to go to sleep. You can lie still for about ten seconds before the feeling becomes unbearable and you have to move. This cycle continues until you are so exhausted, you fall asleep during those ten seconds.

    I’ve (fortunately) only experienced the sensation in response to drug use or withdrawal. I would say it is definitely painless, but agonizing nonetheless.

  13. Picking up something that turns out to be sticky (honey and jam are the worst) and you wash your hands but you still feel sticky.

    Also: that mushy slippery sensation when you realize you’ve stepped in dog shit.

  14. Your hand reaching through the disgusting cold sink water to reach the drain after its been sitting for a couple of hours because you forgot to drain it.

  15. The feeling of the cotton as you pull out a dry tampon.