What is the stupidest rule you ever had to follow?

  1. In my public school, we were told not to stand in circles at recess because it looked like we were a gang, and some of the teachers “feared for their lives”. So we stood in square shapes instead

  2. So I had to leave school early for a cross country meet, missing gym.
    Because I missed gym, I had to make it up after school one day so I missed cross country practice. The makeup gym class was to walk a mile.
    So I missed walking a mile in order to run about 3 miles as fast as I can, and because of that, they made me walk that one mile instead of running 5 miles at practice the day after.

  3. I was in the U.S. Army, Stationed in Korea. I had to water the trees near the barracks on Wed.

    It was raining.

    Here I am standing in the rain watering a tree, questioning how I got to this fucked up point.

  4. At school football/soccer was banned, as it was played too much, to make way for other sports. The ban was soon revoked after people were getting hit in the head with cricket bats.

  5. We had chairs in our schools for $2000, but they were so expensive that we weren’t allowed to sit in them for a year after they were bought

  6. My son isn’t allowed to take books out of his school library that aren’t in the “second grade” section. He comes home every week and complains because the librarian says the book he wants is “too hard for him…”
    Fuck them, seriously.

    ****edit: wow, this really blew up. Tl;dr Yes, I take my son to the library weekly. Yes I am raising hell with the school administrators. It’s all very frustrating, and a process, but we are working on it. I’m not letting it go I promise! ****

  7. my dad goes crazy at me whenever i drink fresh fruit juice after midday because ‘fresh juice is for breakfast’ according to him. now i’ve moved out though so i can enjoy orange juice whenever i want, oh yeahhhh.

  8. In high school if you were late to first period you got a detention. Late to your second class there was no penalty. This just caused everyone including myself to just skip the first class all together.

  9. When I was in grade 3 – 6 when our school bell would ring, after recess or lunch, we had to freeze where we were. No movement at all. The duty teachers would scan the school yard just looking for someone to yell at for continuing to move after the bell. After about 2 minutes they would ring the hand bells and we could line up to go in. It’s been over 50 years and I still can’t figure out the reason for it.

  10. When I worked at my university library, we were allowed to browse the internet on the computers at the circulation desk after all of our tasks were done. One time one of the two computers apparently got a virus, and after the IT people fixed it, we weren’t allowed to browse the internet on THAT particular computer. The other one, they were fine with. It was very obvious that my supervisor had no idea how computers work.

    So, of the two people working a given shift, one would get to browse the internet and the other did not. :/

  11. Growing up, my mother was obsessed with laundry.

    Dirty clothes go in washer while you’re “dirty”. Take a shower, and only then may you start the load. Go sit down in the designated “clean” area until the load is done. Fold clothes, put away, repeat cycle.

  12. I went to a private baptist school my freshman year of high school. Whenever we had an assembly and it was time to clap our hands for someone who had just spoken or performed, we would have to all clap our hands in unison. It would be led by the bat shit crazy pastor’s wife. She felt normal clapping was too chaotic. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  13. Being only allowed to go to the washroom once per semester, and yes, they keep track. I don’t get the logic whatsoever, humans piss and crap, what’s harmful about going to the washroom? If anything it’s less harmful for me to go.

    On the upside though, I’ve learnt how to hold in my piss for immeasurable amounts of times.

    EDIT: Being asked if I’m in US since it’s illegal; Canada. I’d assume the same might apply though. Even so, not all teachers enforce the rule 100%, most let it slide because it’s incredibly stupid. There are one or two teachers that are “that type of teacher” and just tell you to wait it out for a few more minutes.

  14. I work at a daycare/preschool. I am male.

    After working there for 3 years, with all ages and having changed easily too many damn diapers, management suddenly decided I shouldn’t do that anymore. Even though that’s literally part of the job. Now personally, I didn’t mind (I hate changing diapers) but my co-workers threw a fit about it. Plus, it’s a little sexist… so now I have to change diapers again.

    Edit: clarification, spelling

  15. I went to a Catholic elementary school for a year and we weren’t allowed to talk during lunch. One of the nuns had a whistle she’d blow in your face if you were caught talking to your friends.