What is the coolest thing you got for free?

  1. A bunch of furniture from the set of 24. I worked on a short film when their final season was wrapping up (before it came back recently) along with the production designer of the show. He brought a bunch of their set props to use on the short. At the end of the week, he told me that because 24 was wrapped, all the stuff would just go back to a warehouse to be sold off, given away, or taken by the crew of the show and told me to just have at anything I needed, since I told him that I was moving to a new place and didn’t have a lot of my own furniture. So my living room is fully furnished courtesy of Jack Bauer.

  2. I won a trip to Disney World. Not having children to take, I took my grandma. She was so excited to meet Mickey. I also made her go on Space Mountain with me. Best memories ever.

  3. An announcement system like the ones they have in supermarkets. The music fades out automatically when I use the mic to call my wife .

  4. When my wife and I got engaged, a coworker gave us our hotel suite in Vegas as a wedding present. We got room service for breakfast every morning, so for a week, I got to eat waffles in a hot tub. Pretty awesome.

  5. When I was a teenager, I worked at a 7-Eleven convenience store. One night a lady came in to buy scratch offs. I hated scratch off people because they’d always stand at the counter and buy one scratch off at a time, over and over. She stares at the selection for a while, and finally says, which one should I get? If I win, I’ll give you half.

    I point at one and said “I’ve seen a few people win on this one.” She took my advice and won $50. She wouldn’t leave the store until I took $25 of her winnings. She was nice.

  6. One memory that was pretty cool. I remember Gap had a promotion, try on a pair of jeans and get a free song off itunes. It was back in 2005. I was back to school shopping, so when i went into the change rooms the girl gave me 2 cards for free songs (they looked like credit cards, you scratched the code off the back). I was pretty happy, since a month earlier I got a green ipod nano (2nd generation) as a birthday gift. So I told her how I just got one and was excited to get some new music. She then handed me a stack of almost 100 cards. She said barely anyone wanted them cause they didn’t have itunes or an ipod. It was pretty awesome.

    EDIT: Holy Apple police, it was a second gen one. My bad!!

    EDIT #2: I still have the cards! Why? No idea. Have the cards but not the ipod….http://i.imgur.com/TaNa5o7.jpg

  7. A few years ago my best friend and I went to Lollapalooza for the first time. Not ten minutes after walking through the gate on the first day, we stopped by the State Farm tent.

    They had a huge wheel you could spin in order to win prizes. The prizes included sunglasses, water bottles, lanyards blah blah blah…

    And a tiny sliver of it was VIP Passes.

    See where this is going?

    My best friend spun and won two flipping VIP passes- free food, free drinks, a private golf cart that drives you around the park, MASSAGES. It was incredible.

    TL;DR best friend won Lollapalooza VIP passes that are normally over $1000 a piece.

  8. On a flight to Beirut I asked to borrow this guy’s pen to fill out my entry form. He left before I finished and just told me to keep the pen… It ended up being a $1,200 pen from Rolex.

  9. I happened to be next to a guy about to trash a $600 mountain bike just because the chain was fucked up. Took less than an hour to replace

  10. In high school (around 1997) there was an essay contest to win a free computer. The contest sponsor was a local cable company. So of course when I wrote my essay, I targeted it to what I thought a cable company might like to hear. I wrote about my physics class, “Mr. Teacher fought diligently to bring cable television into our classroom.” That was a total lie, there were no televisions or cable TV in our classroom.

    I won. The cable company came to my school and had an awards presentation, in front of TV cameras. They were going to read my essay aloud. I offered to read it out loud instead, thinking that I could skip over the part about the cable television. Unfortunately, the essay was only 50 words long. That’s like 3 sentences. I couldn’t skip anything.

    I read the whole thing aloud. I totally intended to warn my teacher in advance that I had lied, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So of course I let it be a surprise, in front of a camera crew.

    Someone had underlined the important sentence in my essay, and drew a red question mark next to it.

    The representative turned to my teacher and asked, “Tell us how you use cable television in the classroom?”

    So awkward. 16 year old me’s face was so red. My teacher gave a very diplomatic answer. He said, “We actually use computers mostly” and he proceeded to explain how we use computers in the class.

    I was supposed to win a Gateway computer. Instead it was a no-name budget computer built by a local shop. I didn’t feel that I could complain.

    The awards ceremony was on TV. I have it somewhere on VHS. I have never told this story to reddit before.

    Nobody ever said anything to me about lying. Not the teacher, not the administrators.

  11. Not me but my brother. When we were in high school, Microsoft and Mountain Dew ran an “Every 10 Minutes” promotion that someone would win an Xbox 360 every 10 minutes using codes under the caps and selecting which 10 minute timeslot you wanted to be entered for. You would also get points that you could redeem for Mt. Dew stuff so my brother would collect caps from his friends at lunch so he could get a Mt. Dew beanie. All I remember is him running up the stairs to the living room, tripping on the top step, and running head first into the wall. Even though his head almost went though the drywall he still couldn’t stop jumping up and down and screamin that he won an Xbox. They sent him a 360, 5 Mt. Dew t-shirts, 5 Mt. Dew hats, 2 games, and coupons for 5 free cases of Mt. Dew. We ended up getting it 2 days before the 360 came out.

  12. A free, 7-day trip to South Korea. Had never left the country before hand, so that was something.

  13. In college I found out that having a laptop or ipad made life so much easier with notes and assignments. Since I was a forever broke student I entered a bunch of those online contests. I managed to win both. That was nice.

  14. An umbrella someone gave me after I managed to get out of my car at a stop light, in the rain, and getting locked out for 45 minutes.

    A stranger stopped and gave me their umbrella and it made my day, even if I was already soaked.

  15. A limited edition lightsaber replica: http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/SWTOROrgusDin.jpg

    A few of them were sent to a group of people on the project. I was one of the lucky ones.