What is the best “the bad guy won” ending?

  1. Lord of War

    Literally the last line of the film “They say evil prevails when good men fail to act. What they should say is, evil prevails.”

  2. Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs

    “I’m having an old friend for dinner.” Such an awesome line.

  3. Memento… although this is a bit different from the generic ‘villain wins’.

  4. Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown

  5. No country for old men.

  6. Kotor 1, dark side ending. Revan defeating Malak AND the Republic simultaneously, reclaiming his title as dark lord of the sith, is immensely satisfying. Also, specifically, the scene where the republic realises Bastila is using battle meditation against them and they are truly fucked is wonderful.

  7. Seven

  8. The original SAW. Other than being a complete surprise, the knowledge of what happened during the movie would continue to happen left a big impression

  9. Berserk, the golden age arc.

  10. Watchmen

  11. Nightcrawler.

  12. Red Dead Redemption. Granted, you don’t play post credit. Still though, damage is done

  13. Gone Girl.