What is the best socially unacceptable piece of advice?

  1. my favorite: follow the small rules and you can break the big ones


  2. Sometimes it’s best to entirely cut yourself off from toxic people. Sure you can forgive them, but you gotta watch out for yourself.

  3. Flattery works on everyone. The trick is to figure out what flavor of flattery suits each person. Sometimes it’s simply agreeing with someone’s opinions. Sometimes it’s being flirtatious. Sometimes it’s making a show of being subordinate. Sometimes it’s directly including someone in jokes. Sometimes it’s asking questions or for advice. Sometimes it’s just noticing someone.

    Flattery works on everyone. It’s best not to admit that openly, but if you’re doing it right, people can know your plan and still not be able to stop you, because they won’t want to.

  4. Save some of those pain meds for after you get better- my dad

  5. Be a bad liar when it doesn’t matter so that when you really need to lie people will believe you.

  6. Money might not buy happiness, but it makes your life a hell of a lot easier.

  7. A guy I used to live above – he was homeless for years as a teenager, he used to score pot off of me – told me once that no matter how bad things get, you have two choices: kill yourself or continue living. Every bad situation boiled down to that decision, in his opinion.

  8. Family should not get a free pass because they’re family. Family isn’t everything.

  9. People often ask me how I look so young for my age (they usually guess about 10 years under). The thing I don’t usually tell them is: it’s cuz don’t have kids. People don’t like that answer.

  10. Don’t be yourself. Yourself is a socially awkward asshole. Pretend to be a polite charming person.

  11. Get rid of friends that bring constant negativity into your life. There are so many positive people out there that are much more deserving of your life

    Along that same line, try your best to be a positive influence in others’ lives. Your friendship will be cherished.

  12. Always fact check your professors. Half truths get passed on by teachers more than anything else. Also there is no such thing as non-biased journalism.

  13. Public service announcement – remember to sort by “controversial” to actually get the socially unacceptable shit!

  14. Make yourself happy before you try to help others with their unhappiness. It may seem selfish but if you sacrifice so much of yourself for others you’ll run yourself dry and help no one.

  15. Practice and get good at Irish exits.