What is awkward but really shouldn’t be?

  1. Asking someone for money they owe you.

  2. Asking my roommate to do basic household chores. (General clean up, dishes, don’t put out a grease fire with water)

  3. Leaving someone’s yard sale without buying anything.. and you were the only one there.

  4. Trying to park while the person next to you is getting into/out of their vehicle.

  5. When you say bye to someone, then inexplicably run into them again a few minutes later.

  6. Asking someone to repeat something for the third+ time.

  7. Opening presents in front of someone.

  8. Walking the same speed as someone else

  9. For me, making friends as an adult.

  10. When you arrange a meet up with someone and you spot each other from far away, then have to walk towards each other not really sure if you should just stare at them or just ignore them until you get within greeting range.

  11. Having older people sitting in the backseat of a car

  12. Accidentally touching your friend’s hand while walking together.

  13. Forgetting someone’s name.

    It’s not like you can help it! 🙁

  14. Running on the streets instead of walking when you are in a hurry.

  15. Telling someone they’ve got something on their face or in their teeth (something they can fix in 2 seconds).