What is a small prediction you have for the future?

  1. The new Incredibles Movie will center around Jack-Jack

  2. The Simpsons will end in its 30th season.

    It’s already guaranteed 2 more seasons, putting it at 28 seasons. It already secured its place as the weekly primetime scripted series with the all-time most seasons after its 21st season. However, Gunsmoke still holds the record for the all-time most episodes with 635. Season 28 will give The Simpsons 625 episodes. That means that it will probably come back for a 29th season, but they can’t just end on a number like that, so they will have it run one more season and end on a nice, even 30.

    Edit: For those of you listing RAW and anime shows, they are not in the same category, since it is not on a major broadcasting network.

  3. The queen will die on December 18, 2015.

  4. The next president of the US will be white

  5. Self driving cars will create a sub class of workers who will live out of their vehicles without having to stop to sleep, but only occasionally eat, as they travel between job sites. Similar to how the combination of the airline industry and cheap oil created an entire class of frequent flyer employees.

    These will probably be jobs that require highly specialized skills that cannot be done remotely via internet connection, but are common enough that flying is too expensive. Something along the lines of mechanics/operators for highly sophisticated construction equipment.

    Edit: TY4Au. So am I one of the cool kids yet?

  6. The Warcraft movie won’t be as good as I want it to be.

  7. Luddites and a serious anti-technology subculture will become prominent.

  8. Judging by the smell coming from the kitchen, the dinner my wife is cooking will be delicious.

    Edit: It was. I’m fucking Nostradamus.

  9. Smart Dildos so we can geniously fuck ourselves.

  10. The Chance and Frank Ocean album is coming

  11. Obama is going to push for marijuana to be removed from schedule 1 classification before he leaves office. Similar to his endorsement of gay marriage at the end of his first term.

  12. I have a feeling personal drone assistants are going to become a thing. Think siri/cortana but as a drone that can physically do things for you (like pick things up) and follow you around.

    All this technology exists. I’ve seen drones that follow you around and record you, personal assistant voice driven apps already exist, and amazon already has drones that pick things up.

    Think Navi from Orcarina of Time but as a drone. Admit it, you’d want one.

    Edit – I know a lot of people hate it when people do this, but thanks again for the gold! You’re amazing.

    Here is a link to Amazon’s drones.
    Here is the drone that follows you around.

    Edit 2 – The number of hey listens! is accurate.

  13. In places suffering from extreme climate change, cities will grow inward. Buildings will start connecting to each other until you can cross the city without ever stepping outside.

  14. 1: “Trousers are gonna stop being made”

    2: “We’re gonna get weaker”

    3: “We’ll blend all our food”

    4: “Glasses that let you live where you want to live”

    5: “More letters in the alphabet”

    • Karl Pilkington
  15. Graphene will be used to clean up oil spills that still pollute the oceans, decades after the disasters that distributed that oil.

    Right now it’s viable oil, it just can’t be separated from the water. But graphene sponges can absorb the oil without the water. Simple pressing of the graphen will remove the oil, and it can be used for commercial purposes. The environment is cleaner, we have more oil– everyone wins. The only reason we aren’t doing this already is that we’re still working on improvements for industrial creation of graphene. The tech exists and is prevalent in a few major labs around the world, but it doesn’t exist on an industrial scale yet. Once we get that, someone has an oil cleaning cash cow for a bit.

    They’ve just got to jump on that before we make the switch from fossil fuels to electric cars. So, like– in the next twenty years most likely.