What fan theory will always be canon to you?

  1. The courage the cowardly dog theory. Everything that happens is a pretty normal occurrence, it’s just being filtered through the eyes of a dog. Their house is in the middle of no where, and crazy scary strangers just keep showing up. He saves his people from them, just like my dog saves me from the mailman.

  2. The “Eternal Happiness” Theory of the Pokemon anime.

    Basically, in episode one of the show Ash sees Ho-oh, which is later stated in a Pokedex entry to grant eternal happiness to whomever sees it.

    Ash’s eternal happiness is being able to be a kid and explore with his Pokemon forever, which explains why he never ages past ten.

    I just like it better than the stupid coma theory quite frankly.

  3. The merchant at the beginning of Aladdin is just making up the story, as he is just trying to sell you a lamp. The merchant is not the same person as the Genie.

  4. Ditto is a failed attempt to clone mew.

  5. Toby is the Scranton Strangler

  6. That bikini bottom is located at bikini atol and is the result of nuclear testing.

  7. Caillou has cancer. This is why his parents give him everything and tolerate his relentless whining and complaining.
    This is evidenced by his bald head and sickly complexion.
    It’s actually quite tragic.

    Edit:fixed a typo

  8. Chewbacca and R2D2 are agents of the rebellion well before the beginning of episode IV and know far more than they let on throughout the entire trilogy.


  9. Bill and Peggy had an affair which led to Bobby being born.

    This explains why bill is so attracted to Peggy, and why she’s so mean to him, and how Bobby resembles Bill more than Hank.

    Hank also has a narrow urethra, so it’s hard for him to conceive.

  10. Indiana Jones is a dream that Han Solo has while frozen in carbonite.

  11. Zion is just another level of the Matrix, because it explains the otherwise gaping plot hole of “Neo has powers outside of the Matrix too because of reasons”.

    That or “the Matrix sequels never happened”.

  12. Elsa and Anna’s parents ship wrecked on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding. The blonde=magic works together with this.

  13. James Bond is not a person but a code name. That’s why he gets younger as time goes on.

  14. I wish people were including explanations of their theories 🙁