What do you think is a bigger problem than society realises?

  1. The lack of political knowledge that voters have.

  2. The education bubble. There are more people going to college than there are college level jobs. Some time enough people aren’t going to be able to pay and that bubble is going to pop.

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  3. The ability to easily just look at news that supports your point of view.

  4. Our lack of innovation in Education. Seriously, education revolution can change the world more than anything. Look up Prussian Education System for reference.

  5. Partisan gerrymandering.

    It’s the cause of the lack of competitiveness of most Congressional districts outside of the primaries and of why the majority in Congress does not accurately reflect the national popular vote.

  6. Human trafficking is an enormous problem across the world. Even in the United States, tens of thousands of people are treated as nothing more than human cattle.

  7. Bee death.

  8. Antibiotic resistance is becoming a real problem.

  9. Growing income inequality in the 1st world. History tells us that the economy will fold in on itself if the gap gets too wide.

  10. Habitat loss for animals. I think it’s a bigger issue than people realize, because even many (most?) conservation naturalists tend to focus on things like large mammals, birds, and butterflies. Not much thought is put into amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles. You can restore a wetland and waterfowl and other birds can easily move back in, because they fly and large mammals may happen into the area. The amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles don’t move as easily, and may not have very large home ranges that would bring them back by chance. There are species of moths that live on specific prairie plants. If the prairie is wiped out, those moths go with it, and they don’t just magically reappear when you restore a prairie.

    Another big issue is feral cats effects on wildlife. They are an invasive species that if captured, should NOT be released back into the wild, but even people who work in my local conservation department, who are supposed to help protect wildlife, support alter and release programs because they humanize the cats.

  11. Helium shortage in 2020

  12. We are running out of phosphorus. It’s essential to growing crops and keeping our population alive and we have a dwindling supply. Without better ways to grow food we are looking at skyrocketing food prices in the coming decades.

  13. Unemployment and the types of jobs available. So many jobs out there are part-time so you cant live off them or need years of experience you don’t have. Then when there is jobs you can do you get extra barriers in front of you like going though these stupid questionaires or going through middle man agencys.

  14. Loneliness, particularly amongst young people.

    There is a lot of talk about the elderly becoming isolated and lonely but almost none about people in their late teens and twenties.

    I feel that a lot of the structures that used to support young people and encourage them to socialise have mostly disappeared, such as the church. This is exasperated by people the fact that the employment market has changed. There is no such thing as a job for life anymore, if you can get a job at all. So at one time people at least had workmates to socialise with, pretty difficult to do that now if you have to change jobs every six months.

    Loneliness has all sorts of negative side effects on a person’s health and their ability to make good life choices. It’s also painful when you are going through it.

  15. I can’t believe I don’t see privacy up here yet. I’ve heard way too many people state that ‘I have nothing to hide’ when this topic comes up, then move on, not a care in the world.

    Privacy isn’t just whether or not you’re doing anything wrong by the letter of the law. It means you’re trusting your government (or whoever else is collecting your information) to not misuse that information. It also becomes way more important in times of political unrest, which granted nobody is disappearing in the U.S. because they posted a controversial opinion on twitter, but it’s scary to think of what they are capable of if there was ever a political revolution in the U.S. There are no checks and balances on what information is collected and why, and even though I have ‘nothing to hide’ I really don’t think that my privacy has zero value.