What Country will having an American accent in get me laid?

  1. Russia.

    I’m an eastern European girl and I know these girls love their American accents in men. I’ve heard stories as well.

  2. Wait, an Australian accent would help you get laid in America? ^Australian ^Here

  3. What part of America is your accent from? The south sounds a lot different compared to the north east and both of them are different than the Midwest.

  4. Please be Sweden
    Please be Sweden
    Please be Sweden

  5. Blond hair and/or blue eyes is kind of crazy magical in South America. In Peru people would not leave me alone. I can’t even remember how many pictures women wanted to take with me. Funny thing is I’m gay so they were barking up the wrong blue eyed tree.

  6. Walmart.

  7. Not France.

  8. I am a frequent traveler with an American accent, I’ll try and weigh in on some of the more frequently mentioned countries and toss in a few others. These are based on my experience and those of my colleagues.

    I lived for a year in Australia, and dated a few Aussie girls. Your yankee accent will get you nothing more than curiosity from the ladies. They won’t be hot for you simply because of your accent, but it can easily open up conversation. Some women may even just label you a “seppo” and want nothing to do with it.

    New Zealand
    Pretty much the same as Australia, but don’t even bother. There is a serious shortage of good looking women in NZ, making the sixes behave like tens. There are greener pastures than the land of the long white cloud. Sorry bros.

    Women will love your language, not necessarily your accent. The Japanese love to practice their English, so picking up in Japan can be an easy task once you navigate your way around the boundary of etiquette.

    Any Western accent in Ukraine is a good one. The women are gorgeous, but they aren’t after one-nighters. They want to have your babies, in your country.

    Surprisingly you’ll do well here. The Swedish all watch American television, and you’ll sound just like a movie star. They are sexually liberated, and amazingly gorgeous. Get out of the major cities and you’ll be a novelty. Just beware the exchange rate, your dollar isn’t worth much in Stockholm.

    Fucking forget it. They want nothing to do with your un-cultured yankiness.

    This is the gem nobody knows about. The women are stunning and they love Westerners. Blonde hair is a bonus.

    The UK is easy for any accent. Just get drunk and go for it.

  9. Not Guatemala. They’ll think it’s funny. Pretty sure they think all accents are funny.

  10. China or Japan, those girls eat that shit up.

    Source : Went to Japan, drowned in pussy

  11. Taiwan is a pretty good place for this. The girls there LOVE Americans. Just make sure to watch out for the crazies…some girl once introduced herself to me as “Sexy” and told me all about how Taiwanese girls all want to have children with American guys…

  12. Secret level for guys and girls. Any city with a sizable expat community, expat bars are the best hook up places in the world. Girls and guys show up from all over the world, they don’t know anyone, they’re looking to meet people, locals show up to practice their English and everyone bangs. I got more sex in Madrid in two years than I did in four years of college. 10/10, would move overseas again if I were single.

  13. “ctrl F: Germany” no results


  14. England… Even if you have a Scottish accent you will get laid. And Scotland is right next to England.

  15. In Mexico, it’ll get you laid in a hospital bed without your wallet, phone or carkeys.

    Source: I occasionally visit Juarez