What company is still around that you can’t believe is still in business?

  1. The furniture store in my town that seems to have been running a “Going Out of Business” sale for the past 20 years.

  2. I can’t believe my local mall is still around. It’s three quarters vacant, there’s never anyone there, and the Mexican guy running the phone case stand in the hallway still has old Nokia cases.

  3. Fye. Inexplicably, they’re still around. Still selling $18 CDs.

  4. Any company, especially the tax places, that have someone dressed in a costume, holding a sign by the highway.

  5. There’s a Sam Goody in a mall near me. I was shocked.

  6. AOL. It’s still servicing two million senior citizens.

  7. My friend goes to school in Amherst, MA and told a story about a typewriter shop in their downtown area that is never open and he’s never seen anyone inside. It’s literally filled wall to wall with typewriters. Even real businesses on that block go out of business every few years because of the exorbitantly high rent on that block, but somehow this typewriter store is still there. He’s convinced it’s a front for a drug lord.

  8. Sears.
    It’s like a Ghost town, a very cluttered and disorganized Ghost town.

  9. DeVry

    It’s such a shady school with a terrible reputation for being a diploma mill. Just like the cash for gold stores that are mentioned in other comments, this company just preys on those who don’t know any better.

    There truly are for-profit schools that have a good mission with good values, but schools like DeVry really destroy the idea of a for-profit school.

  10. my father still pays for AOL even though he also pays for comcast cable. his reasoning is that he doesnt want to lose access to his aol email.

  11. Those nick nack shops downtown in smaller towns. You walk by them and look inside and see all the rubbish they have and wonder how they can afford to stay in business.

    Then you assume they are selling drugs or something else.

  12. Kodak. It’s nearly out, but that they were able to stay afloat for this long after they refused to go digital when everyone else did is incredible.

    Edit: To anyone saying they’re doing fine, they filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy 3 years ago. They haven’t made a yearly profit since 2007 (which isn’t okay for a 125+ year old company). And most of all, while they did have the initial idea for going digital, they dropped it. Completely gave it up for 15 years and let competition swallow them up.

  13. NishiyamaOnsenKeiunkan

    A family-owned hotel. In business since 705 AD

  14. GNC…

    They are still priced as if it’s 1982 and they are the only supplement retailer around. And as if there’s no internet.

  15. A little place called Pacific Custom Cable. It’s ridiculous. They make cables by hand, shoddily, and sell them for ridiculous prices. That’s not actually what makes me wonder about them still being around … the fact that there’s a full time ‘webmaster’ and there has been for years, to maintain THIS.