What are you willing to do that 99% of people would be too afraid to?

  1. pick up a huge spider with my hands and relocate it outside of the house. I relocated a black widow once.

  2. drop everything and disappear

  3. Go outside in a tornado.
    It’s fucking idiotic, but damn if I don’t love standing outside in storms. There’s something chaotically pleasant about them. Especially with headphones on, so you can’t actually hear the storm, just see it. It becomes a lot less terrifying.

  4. I’m afraid of heights but I absolutely love the depths. Taking a submarine and delving to points where no light can penetrate and you start seeing the creepy fucking demon fish would be a blast to me.

  5. Play or speak in front of an enormous crowd.

    Public speaking is the most common fear, but I have never been particularly bothered by it.

  6. Choose the restaurant without asking my wife where she wants to go first.

  7. Walk through a spooky or “haunted” place alone.

  8. See a large Spider in my room and go to bed without doing anything about it.

  9. Touch my penis

  10. Teach poor urban at-risk youth mathematics.

  11. I saw someone on the topic of picking up a spider, I take it further. I live in the downstairs floor and theres a bunch of huge, hairy spiders here. I just let them flourish. I give them food, protect them from family members and relocate them to less hostile environments inside my house.

  12. If a alien came to me and said, “we need you” I won’t ask any questions, just hop on and go, my life right now is a constant cycle of boring

  13. die

  14. Wildly claim that I have more courage in some respects than 99% of people.

  15. Give you up and let you down, but most importantly, I have no issues with hurting you.