What are you secretly elitist about?

  1. Driving. Everyone sucks at it but me, and I am fully aware of how irrational this is.

  2. Awareness. God damn some people are just not aware of themselves nor their environment.

  3. Bagels.

    Don’t fuck with me, your opinions are shit on the matter I have so much research on this.

  4. I consume only the finest of free porn.

  5. Everything. That’s why I’m on Reddit.

  6. Gravy.

    I’ll judge the fuck out of you because of your gravy.

  7. Scotch, but that’s kinda the point isn’t it?

  8. Washing the dishes, my Girlfriends family was with cold water and it drive me insane.
    Hot water, Soap, Rinse then let dry. Simple

  9. Fucking ยข10 BIC pen? Get a decent writing instrument, you pleb!

  10. Mexican food. My family is Mexican and god damn it putting ground beef in a hard shell tortilla with sour cream is not Mexican food.

  11. Dishcloths. All these fucking peasants keep spreading grease around with their plastic dishcloths instead of washing it off with a proper full terrycloth one. Your pans shouldn’t still smell like tacos after you wash them.

  12. I only use Band-Aid bandages. Fuck the no-name brands.

  13. Nothing, I am the most humble person you will ever meet. Anyone else who tries to be humble is only doing a bad imitation of me

  14. Hotels. Frequent business traveller here. Can’t stand a dumpy hotel.
    Rule#1- never stay in a hotel with a number in the name.
    Rule #2- never stay in a hotel where you can see your room’s door from the parking lot.
    Rule #3- never stay at a hotel that “used to be” a different hotel.
    Dumpy hotels bum me out.

  15. The type of pants you are wearing out in public.