What are you addicted to?

  1. Nicotine gum. I successfully quit smoking eight years ago with the help of nicotine gum but I am still chewing it. It is a very expensive addiction.

  2. Cigarettes… I really wish it wasn’t cigarettes.

  3. Eating unhealthy.

    All it takes is one drink or meal and you’re fucked. Even though I’m a normal weight I know I’m rotting myself from the inside with all the junk I eat

  4. My phone. Whether it’s Reddit, email (that I hardly get), or fucking Facebook, I check the damn thing all the time.

  5. Popping every joint in my body every hour.

  6. Nothing. It seems like I just love doing nothing

  7. Orgasms and pesto.

  8. Nothing. I can stop whenever I want!

  9. Biting the skin around my fingers. Dermatophagia :/

  10. Kerbal Space Program.

  11. Caffeine and Netflix

  12. Alcohol.

  13. Cold turkey. I’ve been trying to quit cold turkey for years now.

  14. Dark chocolate. Cheeses. Wine.

    I like pretending I’m classy.

  15. Video games. For as long as I can remember. Spent one summer back in the day playing Runescape for 15 hours every day. I dream about playing games I’m currently playing in real life only to be disappointed when I wake up that I didn’t make any actual progress while I slept.