What are the best subreddits that you discovered in 2014?

  1. /r/coolguides/ A subreddit that really needs to grow, has printable guides for everything and anything.

  2. /r/oldladiesbakingpies

    It’s quite literal, except all the titles are made extremely NSFW and it’s pretty hysterical as a result

  3. /r/shittyreactiongifs has quickly become my favorite subreddit. For example, somebody asks me how to nod and my penis is shaped like a key

  4. ~~/r/60fpsporn NSFW~~

    I have nothing to add to this discussion.

    Edit – RIP in my box. A few notes:

    • Yes, this is actually NSFW!
    • No, I don’t know of a comparable gay alternative, I’m sorry!
    • You’re welcome, and have fun you pervs!
  5. /r/ArtisanVideos

    i could watch for hours mesmerizing

  6. /r/ExplainLikeDrCox

    I have no idea who Dr Cox is but apparently he gives snarky answers and disparages the people asking questions by referring to them as “Sandra” or other female names. He is condescending without being actually mean.

    The game is to answer questions in his voice.


    [sighs] Now, Nancy, I know the phrase ‘I have no idea who Dr Cox is‘ is going to make you all want to raise your hands like a second grader begging “Oooh, teacher, teacher, I know the answer! Pick me!” but if you could try, and I know this is hard for you, but TRY to resist the urge to announce “He’s from Scrubs!” then you can all get a gold star to stick on your unicorn diaries. We’ve already got some re^ee^eeeealy good answers below, so my advice to you is to just upvote them instead. Okay? Good. Now get back to work, newbie.

  7. /r/lurkers

    edit: thanks /u/chillaxbro I flipped my slashes.

  8. /r/buildapc so enormously helpful. I only wish there was a larger base of knowledgeable people.

    Edit: proud to say this is now my top comment.

  9. /r/FreeEBOOKS may be of interest to you guys 🙂

  10. /r/DeepIntoYouTube

  11. /r/stopdrinking. I was sober when I found it but it had a big impact. Yesterday I was 16 months sober 😉

  12. /r/greendawn is fucking amazing. I can’t wait for my army men to show up from Amazon so I can contribute.

  13. /r/thingsforants

  14. Not quite a subreddit, but /r/randnsfw

    It just goes to a random nsfw sub.

  15. /r/nsfw411
    Literally every kind of porn ever