What are some really creepy things our society consider perfectly normal?

  1. Embalming is pretty weird. Oh look that little boy was hit by a car and died. Let’s cover him in makeup, glue his eyelids shut, and put him in a suit so everyone can look at his adorable little corpse. That’s freaking creepy.

  2. Drinking other species’ breast milk: kinda weird but totally normal.
    Drinking our own species’ breast milk, on the other hand, is horrifying to us past a certain age.

  3. Making social media pages for their children.

  4. Purity Balls are really, really creepy, and I feel like most probably find them creepy. But there’s a subset of people who find them perfectly normal and correct. I have three daughters, so I find it particularly messed up.

  5. Surveillance. How watched we are. “We don’t want British citizens to be able to send messages we can’t read.” I find this super scary.

  6. Commercials selling us prescription pills.

  7. A lot of people consider following a woman around (a-la Nicholas Sparks novel) to be “romantic”. That’s really fucking creepy, and it’s kind of an unhealthy thing to encourage.

  8. Being encouraged to burn an effigy of someone on a bonfire.

  9. laughing at others severe misfortune bothers me but it happens often.

  10. People getting brutally raped in prison and it is considered ok to make jokes about it in the mainstream media.

  11. in the USA, Child Beauty pageants. like wtf super creepy. Its like something the subway guy would like

  12. I think open casket funerals are incredibly unsettling. Seeing a loved one lying there, looking like they’re sleeping except they don’t look quite right. Personally, I’d prefer people to remember me as I was when I was alive, instead of seeing my scare-crow body laid out on display for a room full of people.

  13. Gory horror movies such as Saw. It’s totally normal to watch people be tortured for fun.

  14. Taking pictures of strangers without their permission and posting them on the internet. I know there’s no expectation of privacy when you’re out in public but it’s still creepy as fuck, no matter what your intentions are.

  15. Sexual objectification of young girls in the entertainment industry. We make them dress them up like little whores and then get mad when anyone comments that they look a bit sexualized. This awful trend has leaked out into general society and we wonder why young girls show their boobs at the drop of douchebag’s hat.