15 Offensive Facts

  1. Pretend rape is one of the most popular fetishes in the world.

  2. John Lennon was a woman beater (he physically assaulted both wives).

  3. Apparently MLK plagiarized his doctoral thesis.
    Credit so I’m not accused of plagiarism.

  4. Fred phelps from westboro baptist church was a prominent civil rights attorney during the civil rights movement because god never condemned black people. He was disbarred for perjury.

  5. 60% of all kids that drown in the United States annually are black, despite the fact that they are less than 20% of the American population.


  6. That the atomic bombings of Japan wasn’t anything different than what was already going on (dozens of Japanese cities had been firebombed into rubble already with one in particular, the Firebombing of Tokyo, being the most destructive bombing raid in history which killed between 100k and 200k people) and under the rules of war at the time were not a war crime.

  7. 28.5% of black men will serve jail time in their lives, compared to 4.4% for white men.

    Blacks account for 40% of the jail population in the US.

    Either way you look at this, either as racism by the police force or as blacks are bad to society, it is offensive to somebody.

  8. The US spends more on its prisoners than it does on kids in school.

  9. Attractive people are more successful at pretty much everything.

  10. Women are physically speaking the weaker sex.

  11. The Allies during World War Two conducted terrorism against the Germans. It was known as the Dehousing Programme. Its aim was to destroy the majority of civilian homes in over 50 German cities. The idea was that studies during the Blitz and other bombings over the UK by the Luftwaffe had shown that people found it more demoralising to have their home destroyed than anything else, even having friends and family killed. The hope was that destroying that many houses would cause the German people to give up.

  12. The United States does not acknowledge the Armenian Genocide of 1915 as a historical fact because they are allies with Turkey (who denies that such a thing ever happened).

    Just to put this in perspective for those of you that don’t know about the genocide, it’s as if Germany was so ashamed of its past actions that it denied them, and was allies with France, and France denied that the holocaust never happened because Germany said so.

    Edit: I may have been unclear. The reason the Turkish Government denies it is because they ordered it.

  13. Jesus Christ was not a white person.

  14. Some medicines work better for black people, white people, etc. but theres some resistance against giving white people one type of drug and black people another.

  15. The Los Angeles Clippers currently lead the NBA in scoring, averaging 107.4 points per game.