Teachers of Reddit, what’s the worst thing a student has discovered about your life outside of the classroom?

  1. Found out I streamed our guild raids, cheered me on privately. I bought him a lanyard when I went to BlizzCon to keep him quiet.

  2. Nothing too bad: I’ve got a relatively sanitized internet presence.

    They will google the hell out of you, though. One kid found my old punk band. It was cute.

  3. One of my students saw me at the beach. In my bathing suit. Holding a beer. With another teacher. Of the opposite gender. Rumors flew.

  4. tattoos.
    it was a hot summer day, and I was at the store in a tank top and shorts.
    my arms are fully covered in tattoos, and a good part of both legs.
    the father withdrew his daughter from my class the next day.

  5. I teach younger children. It is always weird for them to find out that I have a child and I’m not married. I think they feel like teachers always have their lives together, and it seems to be shocking that there is no husband in my life. To the point where many of them get very upset.

    Also when I was in high school, I was at a summer music festival and caught my French teacher with two beers in her hands and a joint in the one as well. She was mortified when I approached her to say hello and tried to hide everything behind her back.

  6. That I played the Mass Effect series. The kid would NOT leave me alone, every interval and lunchtime, every day after school, the kid wanted to just talk about the games. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if I didn’t have a mountain of work to do.

  7. Last time my fellow teachers and I had a happy hour outing, one of our students was a waitress at the restaurant, and another student was there with her mom. They all saw us sucking down margaritas like there was no tomorrow and being way too loud. It was fun.

  8. Not me, but my brother in laws’ teacher was selling cocaine. Not to the students, but one day he made the idiotic mistake of trying to sell the stuff to one of the janitors during school hours. He was fired and arrested before the end of school day.

  9. My son saw his teacher buying beer and it rocked his world. He mused over it for about an hour before he rationalized it and realized his teacher didn’t just exist at school to serve the needs of others. He said it was understandable that she would drink because she had to deal with some rowdy kids in the class.

  10. Not a teacher, but I was a “homework teacher” in an after school program.

    One of the kids found out that my coworker and I are husband and wife… not because we were making out or anything, just another coworker referred to her as my wife.

    You would think that wouldn’t be a problem, but parents. flipped. out. They thought we’d be making out/fucking in front of kids, even though we had both worked there for like two years and not a single person knew save for that one coworker.

  11. Having a student see you buying alcohol is always a bit weird since we hammer JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL down their throats.

    A kid accidentally saw a sliver of my tattoo and freaked out. Luckily he was the only one who noticed, and no one believed him.

  12. Not a teacher, but I saw my highschool orchestra teacher come out of a sex shop with a brown paper bag and a secretive look on his face. There was a whole group of us hanging around, so of course we couldn’t let him just go peacefully on his way with his bag of dildos and porno DVDs.

    I remember someone saying “Hey Mr C, big night tonight?” His boyfriend was waiting in the car and they both laughed and looked slightly embarrassed, but everyone was cool about it and we chatted a bit before they went off to pound each other mercilessly or whatever.

    Good dude, Mr. C was.

  13. A carful of my students once rolled up next to me while I was singing loudly along with the radio. They thought that was pretty funny. That’s it. I’m really boring.

  14. So far, i’ve had students discover my twitter and instagram, but thank god I didn’t use them much. i just finished scrubbing them clean. oof.

  15. Several years ago, I was on holiday with my family in Majorca during the summer hols. First day, in the outdoor pool with my young son. I’m not the strongest swimmer, and I’m not the most svelte. Anyway, couple of hours in, I hear from across the other side of the pool: “sir! Sir!”

    Ignore it. Can’t be. Can it?

    Then: “Sir! Mr Spudhead1976!” I look over. There’s a Year 7 pupil age11-12ish), whom I have just spent the year teaching, stood waving over at me. I grin inanely and try to sink.

    So there you go. A year 7 pupil discovered I had knees, toes and moobs.