Silent Mass of Reddit, why do you vote but never comment?

  1. New account here but longtime redditor, I generally find myself missing a great question or story hours after it has been posted. I’ve replied with questions in the past with no one ever responding, so now I don’t do it too much anymore.

  2. Because what we want to say has already been said.

  3. A lot of the time I’ll write comment out, but then delete it because I don’t want to be berated for some reason.

  4. You’re just here for my entertainment. It’s like my TV asking me to participate. Shut up and entertain me!

  5. I already waste enough time on reddit, and if I commented I am sure I would waste much much more following how many upvotes and responses I was getting.

    For example, I’m now going to spend lots of time refreshing my inbox to see how this comment does.

  6. You all missed an opportunity to upvote but leave no comments.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u

  8. I’m a reserved person in real life, so when I’m in a conversation I just laugh or smile or gasp or whatever to show that I’m listening, but I hardly comment because I have nothing to comment. The same goes with Reddit. I just upvote to agree or show that I laughed or something similar, kinda like what I’d do in real life.

  9. Cuz yall are assholes

  10. I have two reasons:

    1. What I wanted to say was already posted.

    2. What I say never gets any upvotes.

  11. Because I can’t be bothered, there’s always loads of good comments by the time I get to a thread anyway.

  12. Because I’m terrified of being ridiculed.

  13. Fear of getting laughed at

  14. Why would they comment on this?

  15. Either what I want to say has already been said (due to how I normally browse, popular instead of new), or I’m lazy. Pro-lurker slowly coming out of my shell. Been commenting like crazy for about an hour. 🙂