[Serious] Virgins of Reddit, what questions do you have about sex that you’ve always wanted to ask but were too embarrassed to?

  1. Three questions.

    1. How does missionary work? If the vaginal opening is so low, wouldn’t your dick have to do all kinds of acrobatics to get in there while lying on top of her? I don’t even want to imagine other positions.

    2. How do you get it in? Like do you just kind of move your hips around under the covers, stab around, and hope for the best?

    3. (This one’s more open ended) How do people transition from just talking to a girl/end of a date to sex?

    (I really hope I haven’t missed my chance to get an answer)

  2. What should I expect genitals to taste like?

  3. This is only kinda related, but how do you kiss properly / not suck at kissing?

  4. If me and a girl begin getting steamy, and she may think I’m not a virgin, should I let her know? How would I do that? If not, what could I do to hide it? Would that be a bad move?

  5. How the hell does it even happen? Do you both just decide to do it, or is at one thing leads to another thing?

  6. Is it awkward being naked in front of someone?

  7. Not a virgin, but I do have a question this thread has brought up: Like half the guys in here are saying that being inside a vagina for the first time is really intense and difficult to last as long, and the other half are saying that they couldn’t get off because they got used to death grip. Are half of all men clutching their meat tackle like it’s trying to run away and the other half just sort of loosely flapping a hand around until they cum?? Why such a sharp disparity in experience?

  8. Honesty I’m just curious what a woman’s breasts/etc are actually like…

  9. I’m a man, do I shave my pubic hair all off or just leave it very short?

    Edit: Spelling.

  10. How do I know where the hole is?

  11. How to not be so nervous? Everytime ive started messing about with a girl i start shaking and my heart starts beating really fast unless im wasted haha.

  12. People who have had sex- would you be put off if your partner just wasn’t ready? I’m 18 but I don’t feel comfortable enough with myself or with another person to have sex just yet, and I’m not sure if people would find that childish/irritating. I know people who truly care about you shouldn’t mind, but I want to know if they do? It just worries me, I guess.

  13. Is there anyway to make (m)y first time not awful for everyone involved?

  14. How long does it normally last?

  15. How hard is it to thrust? I’ve tried fucking pillows and stuff before, but my hips always get tired after a few thrusts. Hoping its easier in actual sex