[Serious] Enough of what’s wrong with the world… Reddit – what’s going right?

  1. guinea worm is close to being eradicated

  2. Violence is down in pretty much every measurable way, year over year, for decades, even centuries, going backwards. The chance of being severely harmed or killed by another human is smaller today than it was yesterday, and smaller this year than last, etc… This is true in Oakland, CA, it’s true in North America, and it’s true worldwide.

  3. 25 years of Hubble space telescope.
    New Horizons on track to pass Pluto very soon.
    Rosetta it showing us some amazing things.
    Curiosity and Opportunity are going strong.
    Cassini has blown away all expectations.
    Space, space is where I go to forget about the worlds problems. So many humans working together to solve problems and accomplish goals. Plus they are totally eager to share it all with you. For me it is very inspiring.

  4. I watched this amazing piece on 60 Minutes, and then Vice, about how doctors have been successfully treating some cancers by attacking them with other infectious diseases. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The world of medicine gets more amazing all the time.

  5. It’s incredibly easy to travel abroad and just see and experience this planet nowadays. And I am thankful, I try to make as much use of these possibilities as I can.

  6. An organization called StoryCorp saw a comment of mine on reddit about living with cystic fibrosis after having an older sister die of the disease. They invited me to a sound booth to tell my story and it will be broadcasted on NPR this Friday!

  7. Yesterday I saw an elderly woman fall over in the street and five people rushed to help her up. She was uninjured but broke her walking frame in the fall so one of the women offered to drive her home.

    It was great to see strangers helping someone out.

  8. Prostheses are advancing at an incredible rate. It may be possible to put my brain in a robot body within my lifetime.

  9. Physics is doing very well at this point, even though it’s very difficult to understand why. The Higgs boson was a huge deal, but the press did a poor job of explaining why. The microwave drive works, but nobody knows why, and that’s exactpy the kind of thing that leads to great discoveries. We have incredible new telescopes on the way that will change our understanding of the universe, as well as a particle acceletator that will answer questions that the LHC cannot, and a gravity wave detector thousands of kilometers across that will answer one of the biggest questions in physics (if it works).

    We live in an age of scientific discovery. I encourage everyone to spend some time trying to get a handle on where modern physics is today. I’m hoping to get there by the time I’m 40, in which case it will have taken me 25 years.

  10. You. Way to bring a positive question to a forum that is so often negative!!!

  11. My 12 year old daughter learned to play a bunch of songs on her guitar that she knows I really love so that I could sing along. She’s a great kid.

  12. I just got an A on a final for a class I was sure I was going to fail 6 weeks ago. That was my very last college class so now I’m basically graduated. I might be honored as one of the top 20 students in my major. After the graduation ceremony a couple weeks from now I’m taking a 9 day cross country road trip with my now long distance fiance and the end of that trip is us finally moving in together. I now live alone with no nearby family, and I’ll be moving to the same city as my dad and fiance’s family. My mother is 54 with cystic fibrosis and is healthy enough to be removed from IV’s after a recent scare. The stress from finals was enough where I lost 10 pounds without even trying and now I look even better in my wedding dress, which I also made from scratch. The end of August is the 3 year anniversary of the last time I did heroin.

    I fought hard for a long time it feels like and now I get to reap the rewards.

  13. All the horrible things we see in the news can be fixed now, because they are actually exposed to the world.

  14. The woman I love finally loves me back.

  15. Contrarily to what the 24 hours news cycle seems to convey, the world today is more at peace than it has ever been in the past.