Redditors who talk or mutter to themselves, why do you do it?

  1. My thoughts are clearer and resonate stronger when I vocalise them. There is too much noise in my head and I spend all my thinking time there, its nice to think in another medium when I can.

  2. I talk to myself at work. Give myself a play by play of what I need to do and what I have done. It helps with spacial reasoning since I need to manage multiple things in a short period of time, all day long.

    I talk to myself at home. I talk to myself in the car. I talk to myself because I think I’m hilarious.

  3. I talk to myself because sometimes I want an expert opinion.

  4. It’s usually when I’m working or organising. I kind of narrate in 1st person.

    “So I’ll go over to here and put this there whilst doing this”

  5. I have social anxiety in general and I struggle alot to find the right words to say in a conversation. Whenever I speak 8/10 I trail off, unable to finish my setence. So I talk to myself, I spend the day imagining various social conversations I might be in and I practice what I would say in that particular scenario.

  6. When i play video games i pretend im making a commentary for my nonexistant youtube subs

  7. Because I refuse to believe foreplay is dead

  8. My imaginary life is better than my real life. Or honestly I’m just going through my thoughts.

  9. I’m working a shitty, unskilled job in retail at a grocery store for 8-10 hours a day. I’ve got to keep myself entertained somehow.

  10. I don’t know man, it just kind of happens

  11. Because I have no one to talk to 🙁

  12. Because I’m alone most of the time, whether I’m at home or if I’m at work. I have to talk to someone or I’d go mad.

  13. Gotta let the crazy out.


  14. So I can hear someone talking sense for change.

  15. Most of the time I’m practicing for future conversations, but sometimes it’s just to entertain myself.