People who don’t watch Game of Thrones, what would you guess happens in the series based just off the unending references and what you’ve learned through being here?

  1. It’s a mixture of sex scenes, important characters dying, and Peter Dinklage being awesome. I haven’t seen a minute of it.

  2. Something something hodor.

    Something something red wedding

    Something something I know nothing

    Everyone dies, especially Sean bean.

  3. House This and House That are killing/fucking each other. Nobody is safe and everybody dies. Idiot called Hodor with World’s smallest vocabulary is running around Forrest Gumping shit. And dragons fly about.

  4. Death, winter and prostitutes.

  5. This is going to end up as a buzzfeed article in a few days…

  6. Massive orgies with the participants of said orgies wielding medieval weapons fighting the other orgies. Like two combating orgy clouds.

  7. Incest happens around people getting killed with swords and some how dragons are involved. There is a small asshole who looks like a douche, is a douche, and does douchebaggery. There is a sassy midget who does something of some sort. At some point there is trial by combat.

  8. Winter is coming, although nobody really knows exactly when…. and lots of boobs

  9. Draco Malfoy is an evil prince who is trying to kill Princess with large eyebrows, who is best friends with the blonde girl. Well the blonde girl is actually from Skyrim so she is getting dragons to help the eyebrow princess kill Draco Malfoy. But the chick from Skyrim has to fight Peter Dinklage to get the dragons.

    And then other people do stuff. idk.

    Edit: Plus incest.

  10. It’s the story of 5 infighting noble families in a fantasy world with a much longer orbit than earth?

  11. Okay, I have never seen any a minute of the show, but here it goes:

    There’s a blonde kid everyone hates who is king or something. I think he has an incestual relationship. There’s a guy who can only talk like a Pokemon. Boromir dies at a wedding. The show takes place in a fictional place, but there’s no magic or dragons. Except there are somehow, and there’s like a dragon queen woman. There are special wolves or something. Peter Dinklage is in the show, and I don’t know if his character is a gnome or if I’m just really politically incorrect.

    That’s what I know. But like the John Snow guy, I know nothing apparently.

  12. People are fighting over… something.

    One of the kings is some douche named Jeffery who looks like a girl.

    Everyone is inbred.

    The show is basically a porno.

    Peter Dinklage does Peter Dinklage stuff.

    A bunch of people die.

    A bunch of people die at a wedding.

  13. Lots of people bang, that blond kid is a prick, Natalie Dormer is hot (but also kind of a prick?), George R.R. Martin is bad with weddings, and Jon Snow doesn’t know shit (and is hooking up with a redhead I think)

  14. Like a slightly more R rated version of lotr, except rather than frodo going to mordor and fighting sauron its john snow going to hodor and fighting some petulent child that I can’t remember the name of.

  15. People have sex and afterwards there’s a 50/50 chance of them dying. Also I think there are dragons, or is that just Skyrim?