Redditors, where do you want to live? Redditors who live there, why should they not want to live there?

  1. New Zealand. Always wanted to visit at least

  2. Northern California. Near the woods and the mountains, but close enough I could go visit Sacramento or San Francisco on the weekend.

  3. I want to move to Iceland!

  4. I want to live in Easter Island. I’ll become a hermit and terrify the shit out of tourists with banshee sounds.

  5. Costa Rica

  6. Is there a subreddit that offers advice on where to live? I think this thread really could be its own sub

  7. I want to live in Germany

  8. I seem to have The Netherlands all to myself.

    Good. Very Good.

    edit: the number of upvotes seem to confirm that I’m on the right track here. this is nice to know.

  9. Wanna live in Denmark

  10. Australia.

  11. Doesn’t anyone want to move to Florida? I live here and have a great big list of reasons why you don’t want to.

  12. I wanna live in a van down by the river.

  13. I want to live in London, England!

  14. If I had the money to not live in a hovel I would love to live in Manhattan. I’m a city person and I would love to experience that city for a year or two.

  15. Boston.