Reddit, what’s a happy sounding song that is actually sad ?

  1. “You Are My Sunshine.” Listen to anything beyond the chorus and it’s an extremely depressing song.

  2. Puff the magic dragon:
    Dragons live forever but not so little boys
    Painted wings and giant strings make way for other toys.
    One sad night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more
    And Puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.

    His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain,
    Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane.
    Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave,
    So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh!

  3. “The Rolling Stones-Brown Sugar” is a song about white men raping their slaves.

  4. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

  5. Fastball’s “The Way.” Listened to it all the time in high school and never really knew what it was about. You know, the “everybody knows the road that you walk on is paved in gold, it’s always summer it never gets cold” song.

    From the Wiki:

    >Scalzo was inspired to write the song in 1997, after reading a news article about Lela and Raymond Howard, an elderly couple who had disappeared in Texas.[4] Though Lela had Alzheimers and Raymond was recovering from brain surgery, the couple had been driving to a local festival. They were discovered two weeks later, dead, at the bottom of a ravine near Hot Springs, Arkansas, hundreds of miles off their intended route.[

  6. Detroit Rock City – KISS

    Ten o’clock and I know I gotta hit the road / First I drink, then I smoke/ Start up the car, and I try to make the midnight show

    There’s a truck ahead, lights starin’ at my eyes/
    Oh my God, no time to turn /
    I got to laugh ’cause I know I’m gonna die

    The song was written about a real teenager who drank and smoke and lost his life driving to a KISS concert.

  7. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. Very upbeat and happy sounding. Actually about meth addiction.

  8. Excitable Boy – Warren Zevon

  9. Everything is Alright – Motion City Soundtrack

  10. Hey Ya! – Outkast

  11. ♪Alouette, gentille alouette,

    Alouette, je te plumerai.♪

  12. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

  13. 99 Red Balloons by Nena, it’s about nuclear war.

  14. Oh My Darling, Clementine.

    It’s about a girl who drowns in a pond and her friend or boyfriend can’t swim so he watches her die. Then he has dreams of her.

  15. All modest mouse songs ever