Reddit, what secret was revealed by a family member on account of that family member being drunk?

  1. That we didn’t visit my grandfather for 10 years because he had pissed off the Russian mob and they threatened to murder my family.

    Edit: Forgot the “they” sorry for the confusion

  2. My father came home one day drunk while I was in my room gaming. Barges in and says “I just fucked Rebecca”. Rebecca was his secretary and a long time family friend. I didn’t know what to do or say, since I was just 15 at the time, so I kept my mouth shut. Fast forward to 3 years later my parents are getting a divorce. Fast forward to today my Dad is married to Rebecca.

  3. I found out my father had a son at the age of 13 with a married woman. The son is named after my father and the husband doesn’t know the child is my fathers.

  4. I found out what really happened to my great aunt and uncle’s adopted son. Turns out that he didn’t just decide to go backpacking through Brazil for a while before just deciding to stay down there. Nope, he actually molested a few children, fled the country before the police closed in on him, and has been estranged from his family and wanted by the police since the early 90s.

  5. I found out that this was my dad’s second marriage. Mom got drunk at olive garden, and was commenting about the people next to us who were around 24 and having marriage problems. I was 21 at the time.

  6. Two months after I married my ex-husband his Grandmother blurted out that his first wife was his cousin!

  7. My dad is an alcoholic and my mom told him to leave the house for awhile while I was away at college. I make a surprise trip home to find out that he is living in a Motel 6, go to see him and hes hammered. I take his keys so he cant go anywhere.

    That’s beside the point.

    He goes out and buys a six pack, and tells me to share them with him. I am 19 at the time (22 now) and he goes on to tell me about how much he loves my mom. Which transitions into him telling me that my moms dad, had multiple friends who raped my mom multiple times which led here to getting multiple abortions. She was so traumatized by it that when she got pregnant with me, she goes to my dad, breaks down crying and says she has an abortion scheduled because she thought my dad would leave her because she was pregnant, which led to her telling him the story I just told all of you.

    This explains why my grandfather is pretty much never around, and why my grandma and mom never talk about him and avoid him.

    My mom has absolutely no idea that I know this story either. But I have never really been able to look at my grandpa or my mom the same way since then.

    Edit – I was 19, not 16

  8. I found out I had a twin who died in the womb. Thanks for taking one for the team, brother :/

  9. When I was in high school, I was studying one night when my dad came home super drunk, which wasn’t unusual because he was a heavy drinker at the time. He started telling me stories about his high school experience, such as his girlfriend getting an abortion without him knowing, and he was devastated when he found out since he thought it was all his fault. Then he just left the room immediately after saying that.

  10. My uncle accidentally admitted he masturbated to his wife’s sister at a family gathering.

    Good times.

  11. Apparently there’s a cassette tape in our family of my grandfather telling the story of his involvement with the Manhattan project. He never spoke of it until my uncle got him enough scotch that he told the story–just that one time. He was a co-pilot of a B29 super fortress in the 509th composite, and was part of the team that dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. I’ve been told different things throughout the years and when my grandpa passed two years ago I tried to research his history. Apparently he was on the plane that held scientific observers but it went MIA during the mission. I really want to hear this tape and finally learn the entire story, and possibly transcribe it for historical records, as every thing I’ve found in my research leads me to a dead end. I know this isn’t “juicy” per se, but I’m curious to know our family secret and the history behind it.

  12. My family only drinks tea, but one day I was told that one of my uncles wasn’t dead, but was locked into a psychiatric hospital for stalking a woman, breaking into her house, and threatening her with a knife. Later, he mistook a random woman in a train station as the woman he was stalking, and almost strangled her to death.

  13. Did not happen to me, but when I was 17, my Best Friend’s uncle admitted to taking naked pictures of my friend’s sister while she slept. She was 15 at the time.

    I havent heard from his uncle for a while.

  14. My dad got drunk when I was a teenager and said “you know, I asked your mom to abort you when I found out she was pregnant. I wasn’t ready to have kids and she lied to me about being on birth control.”

    Awesome. Thanks for that special memory, Dad.

  15. My mom got drunk one night and told me that the man who was supposedly my father, wasn’t in fact, my father.

    I already knew, actually. When I was 18 my “father” came to visit me and asked if we could take a paternity test, because he had never believed I was actually his. So we did, and then he found out I wasn’t his, and basically just stopped talking to me.

    I didn’t tell my mom I knew. He refused to talk to her. I just kept it inside for years. Then when I was 22, my drunken mother told me about it, and I told her I already knew.

    I told her I wasn’t mad at her and that I believe she probably had my best interest at heart.

    But I don’t really believe that.