Reddit, what is your worst moment of “I probably shouldn’t hang out with these people”?

  1. They got excited to smoke meth out of a broken lightbulb :/

  2. They broke into my house, got incredibly drunk, trashed the place, set fire to a trash can on my fucking roof, vomited on my bed (which then cascaded onto the floor), and then left it all for me to clean up.

    When I told them to fuck off and never contact me again, they responded that I’d be missing out on good times. Riiight.

  3. When a former overseas friend visited me in the UK and promptly disappeared to screw some guy she had been talking to online – and I was then put in the position of having to field a phone call from her husband asking me whether anything was wrong, because his wife was not answering her phone.

  4. Found out they were talking about locking me out on the balcony and raping my girlfriend who is now my wife. Still makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

  5. When the syringes came out.

  6. “Dude, can you drive us to my place?”

    “You know she’s a lesbian, right? I don’t think she’s into you.”

    “Nah it’s cool, shows bag of pills, she will be.”

    Noped the fuck out of there. Told the bar staff what was going on but the creep had already found an excuse to spill the drink he drugged. He got thrown out anyway.

  7. They asked me to give one of their friends a ride to his house. I went and when we got to his place there was some commotion going on outside. He talked to some people, came back, and said, “My neighbors are trying to start problems. Let me go get my gun to calm them down.” I was horrified. Then, at the end of the night, they asked me to repay the alcohol I drank by giving them gas. Not taking them to a gas station but sucking it out of my truck with a water hose. Last I ever saw or heard from them.

  8. After one friend got a rather large tattoo of the monster symbol on his arm and another beat his mom up for cigs and drug money, I kinda stepped back from them.

  9. Being with these people was like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. They talked about me behind my back, ignored me, talked over me, and went places without bothering to ask if I wanted to go. We lived in a small town and social opportunities were limited, so I put up with it longer than I should’ve. We were all in our mid-20s and it was like being in middle school again. After awhile I started thinking the problem was me, and that I was just a socially awkward freak. When I realized how terrible I felt about myself, I knew it was time to cut them out of my life and I have never really looked back. Life is much better without them in it.

  10. I was leaving a store with three of my friends. One friend and I got into my car and were about to leave, when another announced that he had to pee. He then climbed into the back of my other friend’s car and found a one gallon ziplock bag and started urinating into it. The owner of that car was in the driver’s seat laughing his ass off when he proceeded to pull a jar of Jif out of the glove box and start eating it with his bare hands. All of this was happening in the parking lot of a store that had a large glass window in the front, so that everyone in the store could see them.

    The store also had a restroom.

  11. They laughed at me when I put my seatbelt on. It was the last time I went out with them.

  12. Last night I witnessed a guy I’ve known for years beating up his girlfriend. Needless to say, I’m never speaking to him again.

  13. “What dude? you dont drink and drive?”

    Yea no.

  14. When the rednecks I had just met brought out the meth pipe.

  15. One girl took out a knife and cut her palm and smeared it on a leaf. She’s wiccan and wanted to “merge energies with the Earth”.