People who live near famous tourist destinations, what is something the average person should know?

  1. Don’t taunt the moose. Don’t feed the moose. Don’t get near the moose. They look like doofy horses, but they’re bad-tempered, weighty, and strong. If you want to simulate the aftereffects of a moose attack, hoist a pallet of cinderblocks two storeys up, then drop it on your chest.

  2. In Brussels, there is a famous statue called manneken pis. It’s just a 30cm high statue of a kid taking a pis, nothing more. Don’t visit it and act all disapointed because it’s so tiny, it was never advertised as something more than what it is.

  3. don’t bother going to Liberty Island (statue of Liberty). all you’re going to end up doing is craning your neck upwards for a shitty view of the statue.

    Instead, take the Staten Island Ferry out to SI. It’s FREE. 100% Free. read that again because it’s not common in NYC. IT IS FREE.

    It’s a 30 minute trip from Financial District down to Staten island. The ferry has concessions which serve alcohol, or you can actually bring your own on board and drink. It offers an awesome view of the statue of liberty, and Ellis Island. 30 minutes to Staten, then just jump on the next boat back to Manhattan. That’s an hour of your life and is totally worth it and fun.


    The Queen does not live in Edinburgh Castle.

    The Royal Mile is a mile long.

    The 1 o’clock gun going off is not someone shooting someone, it just means it’s 1pm.

    It’s pronounced Edin-bruh.

  5. Please refrain from kicking squirrels into the Grand Canyon.

  6. Minneapolis, Minnesota-


  7. I live in Amsterdam, just a few blocks from the Anne Frank House. If you see a red path while visiting our city, don’t walk on it. That is a cycle path, and you will get hit.

    Similarly, the biggest thing people don’t realize is instinctively you tend to only look to cross a street when you hear a sound. Bikes don’t make a sound. So when visiting Amsterdam you should always look both ways before stepping into the street.

  8. If you find yourself at Tunnel View in Yosemite, turn around 180 degrees, walk 100 yards into the tunnel and then turn right and take the hidden walking tunnel out to where they dumped all the debris from the digging. It is a fun quick side trip no one knows about. Spooky. Especially if you have kids with you.

  9. No you can not see Machu Picchu in a weekend. It’s a 20+ hour bus ride from Lima to Cusco, and at least four hours from Cusco to Aquas Calientes. This means that if you want to do a day trip from Cusco, you need to leave your hotel about 4am.

    Cusco is 3500m above sea level. You can not walk up a flight of stairs without being massively out of breath on your first day in the city. Don’t even think about trying to walk the inka trail the day after you arrive. You’ll need at least three days (and a lot of coca tea) to deal with the altitude.

    Talking of which, permits to walk the trail pretty much are full about 6 months in advance. If you want to do it, you need to plan it far in advance.

    Plan to spend a week in Cusco; there’s enough stuff to do in the city and in the surrounding areas that you’ll be busy every day. And the restaurants are amazing. Eat the alpaca rather than the cuy.

  10. Hershey PA.
    1.Chocolate World is free but everything else costs a fortune.
    2. Go to the local grocery store-Giant- and purchase tickets for Hershey Park there. They usually have discounted tickets.

  11. Golden Gate Bridge: If you show up in the summer months expecting to get beautiful views of the bridge and warm California temperatures, chances are you’ll get blown away, freeze your ass off and see nothing but fog.

  12. The Mall of America is still just a mall.

  13. Paris and its sights: If groups of teenage girls come up to you asking you to look at their petition/flyer/whatever, keep walking and hold your bag close. The Mona Lisa, as famous as it is, is far from the most interesting thing in the Louvre. Be sure to see some of the lesser-known sections like the phenomenal collection of Middle Eastern artifacts.

    The Arc de Triomphe has a better view than the Eiffel Tower.

  14. Plymouth Rock is stupid. It’s a rock in a pit, which is flooded half the time. Don’t waste your money.

    EDIT- should have used better wording when i meant money in the sense of travelling and the “historic tours”. the beach is nice here though, so thats nice to look forward to if you do come 🙂

  15. Barcelona is a beautiful city with amazing things to see.


    It is also a monster that can chew you up and spit you out. The tourist party attraction is high here as the parties go all day and night, alcohol is cheap and so are the drugs. This will make you a great victim for scams, thieves and prostitutes.

    I’ve seen people arrive on a Friday in the best mood and then leave on Monday morning with no money, no passport, no change of clothes, and a trip to hospital later.

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.