Parents of ugly children, when did you first realize/concede that your kid is ugly? Do you ever feel guilty?

  1. Not me, but my sister. Her firstborn was a gorgeous kid, and turned into a handsome guy. Her second? Ugliest kid any of us have ever seen. Thought he would grow out of it: 25 years later, we’re still waiting. This poor guy is just downright ugly, there’s no way to sugarcoat it. Plus he’s a little shorter than average.

  2. Apparently the first words my mother said when she saw me was, “Oh, we got an ugly one!”

    Thus began my life.

  3. Well, I am very unattractive, so it made sense that my child would follow suit. When he was first born, the euphoria of having your own kin and a little version of you is pretty overwhelming to the point of not even thinking of things like that.

    As he grew older, it was already somewhat obvious that he wasn’t a 10 in the looks department, however that doesn’t diminish my love for him in any way. I just want him to grow up happy and healthy!

  4. I’m not going to use a throwaway for this, even though a ton of people know my username. Mostly because this is about honesty, for myself and anyone reading this.

    I was an ugly-ass kid. Short, scrawny as hell. I had thin, greasy, mouse brown hair. I have a big nose and crooked teeth. I also developed cystic acne at the age of 9.

    As I got older, I learned to dress better and take care of my hair. Things that I could change, I did. I grew my hair out and learned how to wash it and care for it.

    Slowly as I got older, I got a lot more confident. I realized that crooked teeth and acne scars really didn’t matter. I learned how to flirt. I learned how to appreciate myself, even though if we’re being honest I’m maybe a 5 in straight looks.

    But I had a daughter. And sadly for her, she had my nose. And my skin. And my hair. And even more unfortunately, she has her father’s big ears and even more crooked teeth.

    When I look at her in a certain way, I honestly think she’s beautiful. Because unlike me, no one had ever told her she’s ugly. No one ever made her feel badly about herself. Confidence isn’t something she had to learn, it seems to be innate for her. She’s lucky for that.

    But when I see her next to her pretty friends, I know she isn’t on their level. She will never be the pretty friend. She’ll always be the funny and outgoing one.

    Do I feel guilty? Sometimes I do, I wish she had gotten my ears and figure, I wish she had gotten her dad’s jaw and eyes. But no one can predict what your kids will look like.

    And I know that she’ll grow into herself, like I did. She’s not horribly ugly. She’s more… Unfortunate looking.

    And our son? He’s almost angelic looking. Beautiful in every way. Life is sort of unfair like that. He’s shy and bookish, and he could grow up to be a model.

  5. My cousin has an incredibly ugly child. She admits it but it doesn’t really bother her.

    It’s not like she or her husband are super attractive. They both know from personal experience that you can have a great life with someone you love without being a winner in the looks department.

  6. Why the fuck is everyone commenting about their babies? They aren’t suppose to be cute when they first come out. They were in water for a few months and than had to be squeezed out of a small tube. They have the hair and teeth of Gollum and make even less coherent noises. Kids before puberty shouldn’t count when rating ugliness.

  7. At the company Christmas party like 20 years ago my dad’s new-ish coworker brought his baby. My dad admired the baby and said how healthy he looked. When the coworker walked away to introduce his baby to somebody else, my dad turned to the woman next to him and said, “That has to be the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen in my life.” Turns out that was the baby’s mama, and she was not happy to hear that. My dad ruined her night, and the next time he saw his coworker at work, the guy said to my dad, “Well I know our son is ugly but I was hoping my wife wouldn’t notice, but now she is very, very aware. Thanks.”

    My dad is an idiot who frequently puts his foot in his mouth, but he also has a really dry/dark humor and meant it to be funny, not as insulting as it came out. My mom still brings up that story whenever she can as a lesson to know who the fuck you’re talking to before you say something stupid.

  8. A friend of mine is a doctor, when he delivers a beautiful baby he tells the parents their baby is beautiful.
    When he delivers an ugly baby he tells them their baby looks just like them.

  9. Due to some vessels breaking while I was born I had two black eyes for some time.

    Taking my occupation later on it only made sense. I am still ugly as fuck with my unshapely ears and nose.
    Ma parents don’t feel guilty. I got ears after dad they say.

  10. My older sister admitted privately that my children were much better looking then her own. Hers are all incredibly smart so maybe she wins in the end.

  11. My dad ran crying out of the delivery room, my head had been squeezed a bit so it was slightly cone shaped, he thought it would be permanent. I’m a normal looking guy these days.

  12. I asked my mother. She said she always knew I was ugly. Thanks mom.

  13. Had to give him up for adoption. Couldn’t have a pleb ruining my pure bloodline.

  14. Not my kid, but there’s this one on Facebook and the kid is absolute meme material.

    If I just showed his face to the world he could be famous, but I would feel so bad.

    Poor kid.

  15. Ask your mother