If your college major had a slogan, what would it be?

  1. East Asian Studies Major: please stop cosplaying to class

  2. Astronomy: it’s not fucking astrology God damn it.

  3. History – “Can’t get a job doing it, but you will crush on trivia night.”

  4. Software Engineering – Seriously there is NO REASON why this shouldn’t be working.

  5. Marketing: Where bullshitting dreams come true

  6. Forestry: Flannel-lined science.

  7. Biochemistry: Bad biologists, worse chemists.

  8. Physics: ‚ÄúTheoretical Engineering”

  9. Nursing – You’re going to see some stuff

  10. IT: If you love technology, you’re really gonna hate the people that use it.

  11. Aerospace Engineering – It actually is rocket science.

    runner-up: “I miss girls…”

  12. Communications: We’re not really sure what that means either.

  13. Mortuary Science – Definitely not necrophiliacs

  14. Petroleum engineering – Yep, we’re doing it for the money.

  15. New Media Production – Why work at Target when you can be in crippling debt and work at Target?