If you were to redo The Breakfast Club nowadays, what modern teenage sterotypes would you put in the film?

  1. The teenage washed up actor in their 40’s and 50’s stereotype. I’d bring in all the original cast to play all the parts.

  2. Okay, obviously if this were going to work the opening montage of them showing up for detention would include the principal holding out a bucket for their cell phones as they enter the library. He’d even stop Bender and make him cough up extra phones that are presumably stolen.

    Jesus Christ people, just make it work.

    Other than that I think all the stereotypes would still work.

  3. They really don’t change. You’ll always have jocks, popular girls, nerds, burnouts, and misunderstood people.

    Though, from everyone’s point of view, we’re all misunderstood.

    The movie’s perfect, leave it the fuck alone.

  4. You’d have a techie programmer kid, the generic “white girl”, the jock, the stoner, and the loner.

  5. A bro – dave franco

    A hipster – jay baruchal

    Smart Nerdy Kid – Michael Cera

    Molly Ringwald princess type – Emma Stone

    Nerdy Chick – Ellen Page

  6. The misunderstood neckbeard

  7. a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.
    does that answer your question?

  8. The Basket Case would be an emo or scene girl. The Princess would have a reputation for sleeping around because she once sent a picture of her tits on Snapchat and her boyfriend sent it to everyone. The Criminal, Athlete, and Brain would be nearly the same.

  9. My guess is that it would look like the original cast of Glee.

  10. The slutty one that snap chats her tits to all the dudes from the bathroom.

  11. ITT: Damn those teens and their cellular phones!

  12. Emilio Estevez has aged really well, so him as the jock again.

  13. The annoying “music guy / junior promoter / self-styled entrepreneur” that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground

  14. Same shit, at the core it was all the same thing.

    You still have nerds.
    You still have sports guys
    You still have Rich/Pretty/”Popular” girls
    You still have alternative kids
    You still have whatever the hell Bender was

    You just have different subcultures of losers, popular kids and jocks

    Pretty much the only thing that would be different is the clothing.