If they had Happy Meals for adults, what kinds of toys would they include?

  1. A bar near me has a happy meal. It is a burger, fries, beer, and a shot.
    For $10. It’s fucking awesome.

  2. Little airplane bottles of booze.

  3. I’m an adult, and I want happy meals with lego in them.

    And beer as the drink.

  4. An extra hour of sleep.

  5. Scratch-n-wins

  6. Pornographic coloring books, and a pack of jumbo crayons.

  7. Cell phone chargers, everyone needs another charger.

  8. Crossword puzzles.

    Yeah I know, I’m boring. But I like crossword puzzles.

  9. Mcbutt plug

  10. A moist towelette covered in chloroform, for when you need to knock your kid out and get some peace and quiet. I call them Kid Napz (triple entendre ftw)

  11. Advil. For the headaches from all the screaming kids.

  12. blood glucose meters with test strips that come in 7 different colors and you have to collect them all

  13. I expect a lot of people to say “Dildo” or “Buttplug”, but I’d enjoy puzzles that need to be untangled, such as these.

  14. Scratch off tickets for free food.

  15. Those little bullet vibrators! Or the kind of the toys they have for kids now, but themed for TV shows and stuff adults like. Little GOT figurines or something