Girls, what item of clothing on guys immediately turns *you* off?

  1. Tucking a shirt in without a belt bugs me.

  2. Over-sized clothing. I’m convinced most of the guys I know think they’re a size XL when they’re all really Ms.

  3. When guys wear sunglasses on the back of their head, it’s the absolute worst.

  4. Those Ed Hardy style t-shirts with ridiculous busy graphics and logos. Bonus nope points if it’s MMA related.

    Keep it simple, fellas.

  5. -anything metallic

    -anything with too deep a v

    -anything that has a specialized font (affliction)

    -Ed hardy

    -nothing with rhinestones for god’s sake

    -overuse of hair gel

    -white sunglasses

  6. Guys, a pair of jeans that fit you really well is well worth the splurge.

  7. TIL I don’t have terrible fashion sense.

  8. Super deep V-necks are atrocious. I don’t don’t want to see man cleavage.

    Edit: People keep commenting/messaging me about v-necks like I’m some kind of neckline connoisseur. All I know is that deep v’s looks stupid, I don’t know how many inches is too low.

    Edit 2: I don’t give a fuck if the picture is of a gay porn star. His occupation is irrelevant, why have 50 of you decided to point this out? I just found a picture of a dude wearing a low v-neck shirt on google.

  9. My girlfriend told me that affliction anything in a guys dating profile was an instant nope. Said she has yet to meet a guy wearing an affliction shirt who wasn’t a douchebag. I totally agree.

    Edit: wording

  10. Anything overly accessorized.

    knew a guy whose plugs matched his belt buckle and shoes, all virgin mary print.

    not attractive.

  11. Please don’t say anything to no-show socks. Please I like them

  12. I’ve put about 0% effort into the clothes i wear and i can safely say I don’t match any of these. Being a guy is sometimes pretty simple.

  13. Baggy pants and/or having their underwear hang out over the top of their pants. No. Just no. Especially the guys who do it on purpose to look “cool.”

  14. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nerdy guy (am married to one) but any guy who wears a shiny button down, or one with a dragon on it, or with an anime character is an instant TURN OFF!!

  15. Thumb rings, or other excessive jewelry.