Girls of Reddit, what do you think is the best thing about being a guy?

  1. 1) Can go out topless without feeling ashamed.
    2) No periods.
    3) No birth giving.

  2. Short bathroom lines.

  3. The lack of shaving.

    Got hairy armpits? fine. Hairy legs? fine. Hairy face? Fine. Yet women have to constantly to keep bodily hair at bay.

  4. No period. Period.

  5. Having a penis. It just looks like it’d be fun to have.

  6. Standing up to pee.

  7. Being able to identify myself as my own gender on Reddit without getting creepy PMs.

  8. Aging for for a guy tends to be much better of a process than a woman, socially speaking. They are allowed to age gracefully moreso than women.
    Also men don’t have to answer to a biological clock like women do. I’m 30 and still haven’t found the “calling” to have a child, but to know that I have a pretty small window to plan for it kinda sucks, especially when I consider myself a late bloomer and just started figuring my life out.

  9. No periods

    No birth

    Having a dick (I wanna helicopter that mofo)

    Shirtless at a non nude beach

    And I’ve always wanted to know what its like for a guy giving the fuck, instead of being a girl receiving it.

  10. Being able to pee in public discreetly.

  11. People seem to be uncomfortable around girls trying to be funny. There have been many times when I’ve told a joke and no one laughed, then five seconds later a guy repeated my joke and the whole room cracks up.

  12. Guys can outfit-repeat and no one will notice!

    Guys: Have a suit/nice dress clothes for a Vegas trip/interview?
    Switch out 1 item: tie, dress shirt, pants = NEW OUTFIT.

    Girls: Gotta buy a new dress and new shoes, or borrow a dress/shoes from a friend who’s the exact same size as you, or wear something from 3 years ago because hopefully no one remembers you wore it (if it’s even still in style)!

    edit: a word

  13. Not being yelled at from across the street suggestive things when you’re just trying to walk to work.

  14. Not having like, 30% of people just assuming you’re a fucking retard right off the bat.

    Besides that, penises look like lots of fun.

    Edit: This may be worsened by the fact that I wear make-up, dress reasonably well, and try to style my hair. If I am at work in uniform, with neutral make-up and my hair pulled into a bun, I’m treated much more seriously. If I’m in my ‘being stylish’ look, I swear to god, strangers are fucking congratulatory that I didn’t kill myself on the way over.

  15. Your hormones are on a pretty even level all month long, once puberty ends. PMS, cramps, etc., really sucks.

    Edit: I forgot all about not having to go through menopause. Those hot flashes are a bitch.