Females of reddit: What are some male traits that immediately make you think “shit, he’s crazy”?

  1. Guys that talk about every girl they’ve ever known as sluts and bitches, and how you’re ‘not like other girls’

  2. ”Sorry but I can’t have coffee with you tonight, I have plans with my family.”

    Guys parks outside your house for almost 5 hours waiting for you.


  3. They always respond to small annoyances or inconveniences with violence (kicking pets, destroying household items, punching holes in walls, slamming doors, getting in people’s faces and screaming, muttering about “gonna fucking KILL someone”).

    Also, guys who brag about physically harming others.

  4. When they constantly mention how much money they have, or some other measure of power or status (expensive sports car they have, flashy vacations they’ve been on).

    These guys always wind up being crazy. They don’t seem to understand valuing people for being good people.

  5. When he blames everyone else for his problems, and never self-reflects.

  6. When I was 18, a guy wouldn’t stop sending me five-page emails that alternated between declaring his love for me/asking me to marry him, and describing his violent fantasies about me. Yup. 🙂

  7. If he wants to be with you all the time. I don’t mean the infatuation phase wanting to hang out whenever you can normal thing. I mean, he can’t even change the oil in his car without asking you to pull up a chair and keep him company. Controlling red flag

  8. When all of his exes are “bitches”.

    If you walk around all day and keep smelling shit, you’d better check your shoes.

  9. if he texts me every 2 minutes. don’t. just don’t.

  10. Went on a date with a guy and he was telling me how his whole family would love me and maybe I can meet some of his family next week, mind you this was the first date. Did a hardcore swerve on that dude after that.

  11. Talk bad about every single one of their ex girlfriends.
    Yeah they make for good stories but after awhile you realize that they’re mean, bitter and will complain about you the same way

  12. I had a guy steal my bikini bottoms and then deny it. I certainly wasn’t interested in him after that.

  13. Making hypocritical or nonsensical arguments in order to submit and maintain power over or manipulate people.

    Example: A man who has no formal authority, but supervises everyone else while people comply. Person A comes up with a different or supplementary idea and pitches it. Man immediately throws it down and criticizes him for trying to make up rules or tell people what to do. If Person A tries to say that man has been doing the same thing, he either completely talks around it, completely refutes it, or asserts his dominance by saying something that has the effect of “But I’m right and you’re wrong, which makes it okay for me to boss people around, so shut the hell up”

  14. This is more subtle, but the guys who feel the need to turn everything into a debate, especially in group settings.

    Every once in a while this is born from a genuine desire to hear differing opinions and better oneself, but the vast majority of the time it indicates someone who is just an egotistical, argumentative jerk and wants to seem edgy. I’ve also noticed a high correlation between the guys who flaunt this type of behavior and those who are controlling in relationships, though I’m not really 100% sure why that’s the case.

  15. Holy shit, I’m crazy.