As a kid what’s the creepiest, most WTF thing you ever noticed about another kid’s family?

  1. During a playdate, my sister was given a sandwich.

    The mother casually handed me a paper: bread+cheese+mayo+meat+lettuce $1.80.

    Reasonable price, but still.

  2. My cousins had bed wetting problems and had to wear diapers up until their mid-teens…their mom made me wear them too whenever I spent the night.

  3. When my cousins misbehave, they’re forced to sit in a corner and wear a freaky Halloween mask. My aunt and uncle then Put on different horrifying masks and stare at him while he stares at them. For five minutes with no music.

    My cousins are 3/5 respectively.

    EDIT: by 3/5 I mean that one cousin is 3 (a girl) and the other is 5 (the boy). No pedophile rating system, they are not slaves, they are two seprate children related to me by blood. Honestly. If I ever get a twisted idea for a horror film, I’ll run it by you guys first to see what extra sick twist I can add to it.

  4. I rode the bus home with a girl from school one day to stay the night. She had a brother who was about a year older than her, so like 8 at the time. And she had a little sister who was about 4, and a baby brother who was only 2 or so. So lots of kids in the house.

    Well, after dinner we go to the playroom, which was downstairs, while her parents stayed upstairs. The kids decided we should play house, and I was to be a child. So my friend shut me in a closet that I had to pretend was my bedroom. Pretty standard 7-year-old house playing stuff.

    Then she says, “Ok, now it’s time for Mommy and Daddy to have sex.” She then proceeded to get naked and lie on a blanket on the floor while her brother crawled on top of her (also naked) and started writhing around on top of her. I was watching this from the ajar closet door.

    My friend said, “Push it in further!” to her brother. He would say, “It can’t go in there any further!”

    Meanwhile, the 4-year-old girl kept saying- “Do me next! I want to go next!”

    Then, they stuffed the 2-year-old up her shirt and pretended she was giving birth.

    I was seriously disturbed by all that. I didn’t go to her house after that.

  5. My next door neighbors (they were kids my age) used to get super dressed up in their nicest clothes every Saturday and go to Kmart. I remember one day my friend asked if I wanted to go to Kmart with them, and I was game. So went and asked my mom, called him and said I could. He said they’d be ready in about 30 minutes. So I met them at their car, they were all dressed up in their Sunday best (but it was Saturday), and they looked at me like I was insane for wearing a Bart Simpson shirt and camouflage shorts.

    I went with them, and when we got to the store my friend asked me quietly why I wasn’t dressed up. My only response was “Uhh.. because it’s Kmart?” They never asked me back. But from then on I noticed every Saturday they did that.

    They’d stay there for like 3 hours, doing all kinds of shopping. I still don’t quite get it.

  6. I had a friend whose family had just moved to Canada when I was in grade 2 and her dad didn’t want her or her siblings making friends with any little white Canadian kids.

    Her mom would invite me over to play during the day, and then make sure I was gone before the dad was back.

  7. Kid’s dad had built him a “club house” in their back yard. The kid took me back there to show me around, and there were several sloppily dissected animals scattered around it. He called them his pets.

    I noped the fuck home as politely as an 8 year old could.

  8. Kid at my school used to eat paste, not too uncommon for young kids I suppose. He was a nice enough kid though, so when he invited me to his house, I kindly accepted. Lo and behold, I walk into the house and I see his dad in the living room eating paste.

    I guess the excessive love of Elmer’s is hereditary.

  9. Her crazy father left the water in the Kraft Dinner. He would boil it, add the cheese powder to the pot with overdone noodles and water still in it, and serve it as some heinous KD soup. It was disgusting, and should be considered a serious crime in Canada.

  10. OK. I’ve seen this post before so I’ll tell the story again. I lived on a terrible housing estate in London when I was younger and I had a friend who lived a few doors from me in the flat. His name was Nicky and we used to play firetrucks on his carpet. I started to notice something was off, different men would walk into the house and see his mother in the bedroom, also the interior of the flat was covered with florescent lights, christmas lights. When I asked him whom the men were he’d just say ‘dad’, but Nicky was black and some of these men were white. I didn’t think anything of it until I asked my mum and she told me. Nicky’s mum was a hooker who convinced her 7 year old son that his dad was a shapeshifter, he’d think all the clients were his father. I never went round again and he left the estate. That was 30 years ago and it still gives me shivers. A fucking shapeshifter.

  11. One time I went over to a friends house to pick him up to go to the park, nobody answered the door, so I went around back to see if they were back there… They were.

    My friends dad had him tied to a tree and was whipping him with a TV Antenna. I noped out of there and told my mom. But I was too young to remember what happened other than his Dad moved away shortly there after.

  12. My first week at a new high school I made friends with this guy who seemed pretty normal and he invited me to his place after school one day. We get to his place and his older brother (16ish) is on the playstation so we go outside and kick a ball for a while. It was all very normal stuff, until we go back inside and into the lounge. I was expecting us to play some Gran Turismo or whatever but instead what happened has scared me for life.

    My new friend goes to the tv, puts a video in the vcr, fast forwards for a while and then pauses on a shot of some girls tits. Then both of these brothers whip out their cocks and start jerking off. I’m sitting there, confused as hell, not knowing what to do. But before I even had a chance to politely excuse myself from the proceedings, my new friend dropped to his knees and sprayed his pubescent load all over the carpet. On the fucking carpet.

    I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon and made a hasty departure.

  13. The Dad was very drunk on a weekday afternoon, first thing he said to me when I walked in the door, “What are you looking at ass face?”

  14. My parents had friends when I was a kid who would let their dogs shit on the floor and they would just let it sit there. The place stank exactly like you would expect. They had large dogs, too. It was awful.

    I don’t think we went back over there after the first or second time. And they didn’t stay friends for long. Their kids were as dirty as their house, too.

  15. They all cleaned completely naked. Dusting, sweeping, moping, mom, dad, son ~11, daughter ~9. Best part is, they went to private school, and couldn’t play with the neighborhood kids because, “they were weird”.